Wednesday, February 24, 2016



TAO can be talked about, but not the Eternal Tao.
Names can be named, but not the Eternal Name.
As the origin of heaven-and-earth, it is nameless:
As "the Mother" of all things, it is nameable.
So, as ever hidden, we should look at its inner essence:
As always manifest, we should look at its outer aspects.
These two flow from the same source, though differently
And both are called mysteries.
The Mystery of mysteries is the Door of all essence.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen

My journal
Contains a million words
Cannot all be expressed
At once
So I call it Tao
All the words
That has been written
And will ever be written
It is not so much
To know
Where the Tao
Comes from
But to be receptive
To receive it
Be the worthy conduit
For it
Must be open/strong
This is the beginning
Of understanding
The reason it
Cannot be named
Is that it changes
With time/space
Time/space is
Never still
As soon as I
Name it
I stop it
Hence it cannot
Be named
If I stop
Tai Chi Chuan
I cannot say
I am doing it
Where does stillness come in?
I am never still
As long as
I am alive
Blood/ideas are
Always moving
Doing Tai Chi Chuan
I cannot teach
I can guide
To undoing
Past things
Look for
Essence of everything
Only way
I can do this
Is by following
And listening to
Object or subject
The new
I get Tai Chi Chuan
Can only come
From the Masters
As soon as I reveal
The source
Of the ideas/feelings
Others will assume
They are getting
The same feelings
When in truth
They are not
Masters connect
Only if
Only those
Will know others
Experiencing the Masters
The mystery is how
And who will get it?
It is a mystery
I do not know
The answer
Search for answer
Is the way
Does the secret wait
To be uncovered
Does the secret search
For those who are worthy
Tai Chi Chuan
Can be talked about
But not
The Warrior aspect
Chinese warrior
Chan shih
Ping shih
Chun jeh
Some people
Are not meant
To be Warriors
They quit
Or change principles
For every Warrior
In battle
There are
Abundant support soldiers
For every 10,000 Warriors
There is one Hero
I cannot see
Spirit or gravity
But I can name it
Others that sense it
Use the same names
All things
Have spirit/gravity
The true
Tai Chi Chuan
Cannot be explained
So to communicate it
To others
One must
Undo the blockages/barriers
How do I do this
By opening heart
Wait for them
To take down
Their own barricades
The oneness
That the Masters
All have
In common
It is unspeakable
Tao is nameless
Means I cannot
Repeat anything
Masters say
Unless I understand it
How do I understand it
By practicing
It is how they learn
To understand it
Be connected
To those
Who understand
Once this is implicit
Will be understood
Thru my journals
I am chartering
The way
If I want
To know something
I look to nature
For the answer
Record it
In journal
The secret
Be revealed
To others
Only they
Who find it
On their own
Will have it
Is imagined
The named
The conduit
The lineage
Is for me
Is for me
I must be strong/open
For them
To meet
Inside me
Tao Te Ching #1
Beginning of reaching
Tai Chi Chuan
Is in the Masters
Those in clandestine
Are where the secret lays
Inner essence
Of slow set
Comes from the Masters
It is express outwardly
Master can see it
In the salute
Master sees
My inner Jing/Chi
My outer gestures
Can feel it
And sense it
It is the 6th sense
Tai Chi Chuan
Is eternal
The gates
Of Jing/Chi
Is opening
Sternum gate (heart)
The heart down
To sacrum
Opening the pelvis gate
To ascending
Earth’s energy
Tai Chi Chuan
Is a Mystery
There are methods
But the way
Is unmapped
All artists try to map
The way
Thru their art
Tai Chi Chuan
Can be taught
But not
  Everlasting Chuan
Only the Masters
The eternal Chuan
Only worthy
Become Masters
The Tao
Is connecting
Via Tai Chi Chuan
The secret
To understanding
Tai Chi Chuan
Open to it
Be strong
To practice is
To ponder
And eventually
Pounce like a tiger
Like the future
Next moment
In time
If I cannot predict
My own future
How can I
Predict others
So I must follow
My own thoughts
At the moment
Do not try
To change others
This only takes me
Away from myself
Someday can hope to
Understand them
Both mine and theirs
There are words
For now
But by the time
I speak them
Now is past
Then if I speak
Of them
Then I am not listening
To the now
By the time I speak
Of anything
It is past
Even what I just wrote
Is past
I can
Slightly feel
A new thought
Past, present and future
All at once
The word for
The past, present and future
Is Tao
So every time I look
At the past
I can see
Present and future
Of Tai Chi Chuan
With time/space
Is the yin/yang
So if I think
Of the yin
I think
Of the yang
Combining Yin and Yang
With time I have
Past yin
Present yang
Future yin
To yin
To yang
The degrees
Of yin and yang
Is up to Nature
So if something is yin
In the past
I can predict it
Will be yang
In the future
The transitions
The present
Very closely
I can feel
The change over
If I talk
I stop the process
Tai Chi Chuan constant
Yin to yang
Yang to yin
Past to present
During Slow set
I can feel
The future
When I project
My chi
Into my sword
Beyond my hand
Perhaps thru Chi   
I can predict
The future
It is by merging
The mind, yi
And body Chi
Into one
The Tao
See something
Of the Tai Chi
In all
Also I can see
Where it is not
In others
See beyond limitations
This is what
I must do
To slow set  
Open heart
For the Masters
The source
Is the slow set
Tao = Slow set
All applications
In push hands
Come out
Of slow set
Have no intent
Can be like it
Not needing anything
Seeing the
The root
Of everything
No map or guide
Ask someone
Who has been there
No one
Has been there  
But there are those
Ahead of me
The Masters
Can learn
By their mistakes
This is the undoing
Don’t repeat
The same mistakes
The deepest secrets
Cannot be named
But they can be felt
Creating of a new feeling
Unknown source
Has a receiver “me”
I must be open
To receive them
Many lose it at this point
There is a common source
That is “me”
The idea waits
For my comprehension
Can be talked about
But not
The ultimate seeing
All the senses/smell/taste/hearing/touching
Are the way
Of sixth sense
Is all the above
With love
What creates all
Masters of course
The unknown direction
That they are leading
Then I will
Not need direction
From others
Nor my own senses
Mysterious yonder
Can be named
But not the essence
Of the gesture
Where do I get
The new ideas
From myself
By listening
To the Masters
Follow the Masters
I can be like them
Cannot be
With the Masters
All the time
I can instill
Slow set in everything
Even if I cannot
Always see it
If all I sense
I turn to my
Sixth sense
I know not where
The ideas
Come from
Mother = Master
Subtle wonder
Secret waits
For the insight
By longing
To understand
The self (gesture)
Others (applications)
Look inward
Then express what
I find outwardly
In the form
The transition
Cannot be expressed
In words
In and out
Come paired
But distinct
It is expressed in art
Slow Set
Will help undo
This must be done
To push hands.
How do I do it?
By undoing
Since this is
A paradox
There is no name
Or words for it
There is no name
For the Tao
Search for the name
Because I don’t know
This is living and thinking
It is best to be
In a state
Of not knowing
Causes the search
To continue
The future
I don’t know
Future is ignorance
To know
This is
To be in the present
This is healthy
To be sick
Is to always live
In the past or future
To try and know the future
Is a sickness
To try and relive the past
Is also a sickness
Just live in the present
If I can just wait
In the present
The future will come
If I am listening
If I am trying
To speed up the future
I am not listening
And will miss it
If I try to use the past
To predict the future
I am not
In the present
And not listening
Nature is spontaneous
If I merge with nature
I am doing Tai Chi Chuan
New ideas
Come from
The past Masters
Must be connected
Via the present Master
To realize that ideas
Come from past Masters
Like universe
Masters always here
Energy is the Masters
Thing unknown
To the past
Are thing know
To use now
True then true now
True in the future
As I read
The above
It put me into
A state of the Tao
There still
Is something
Beyond the above
is spirit/heaven/Masters
Supported by earth’s energy
Hidden is the merging
Manifest in gestures
Flow from Masters
Lift the lineage
Ward-off the mundane
Rollback/press ideas
The inner
Then the outer
Spirit and gravity
Is the epiphany
Of life
Spirit and gravity
Conduit to infinity
In Master
Tai Chi Chuan
In student
Is elastic
In past/future
The worthy
Gets the words
To experience
To eternity
The mystery
Of merging
Spirit and gravity
Via Tai Chi Chuan