Wednesday, February 24, 2016



HAVE done with learning,
And you will have no more vexation.
How great is the difference between "eh" and "o"?
What is the distinction between "good" and "evil"?
Must I fear what others fear?
What abysmal nonsense this is!
All men are joyous and beaming,
As though feasting upon a sacrificial ox,
As though mounting the Spring Terrace;
I alone am placid and give no sign,
Like a babe which has not yet smiled.
I alone am forlorn as one who has no home to return to.
All men have enough and to spare:
I alone appear to possess nothing.
What a fool I am!
What a muddled mind I have!
All men are bright, bright:
I alone am dim, dim.
All men are sharp, sharp:
I alone am mum, mum!
Bland like the ocean,
Aimless like the wafting gale.
All men settle down in their grooves:
I alone am stubborn and remain outside.
But wherein I am most different from others is
In knowing to take sustenance from my Mother!

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen

Always be the opposite
Of what I am
Confronted with
Mentally or physically
If others are bright
I am dim
This will cause the balance
Find the fulcrum
Just think it
Don’t say it
Of the circle
As I reached
Opened more
Felt closing
On my heart
Felt apprehension
About reaching far
Because too distant
Pulls me off balance
All animals
Have an apprehension
About everything
It is a physical feeling
Opening downward
Giving up
To gravity
Apprehension gets
Its strength
From gravity
Be apprehensive
All others are
I am dim/apprehensive
If I suddenly want
To do something
My entire Being
Goes into it
Because I am totally open
Do to the reaching/apprehension
Resulting in elasticity
The rooted feeling
Is the other end
Of the reaching
Now the two ends
Of the elastic band
Are anchored
If someone
Is bright one end
I am dim
The other end
I am aware of this
I am elastic
Apprehension implies
Comes from closing
To the point of stillness
The further
From the center
The faster
The movement
Center is still
Outer edge fast
As I can think
Perhaps the above
Is the secret
To slow motion
That one experiences
During danger
Moving very fast
But thinking with
Be as still/sensitive
As a bubble
On a level
Even a thought
Can throw me out
Of level/stillness
The floor does not move
I move up and down
So neither should I
I maintain the bubble
Horizontal/vertical bubble
Is located in the inner ear
Sense it
At my center of gravity
Learning others
Be done with it
Be a falcon
On a fulcrum
For the future
Return into
The fulcrum
Do not let things
Throw me off
Rotate the outside influences
Around the center (hub)
If I have to move a little
Do so
Not too soon
Not too late
The thirty spokes
Will always
Be attached
To my hub
30 gestures
Always attached
To the Slow Set
Give up
Other peoples
Within me
The new
For I am pregnant
With new ideas
If pregnant
More sensitive
More alert
What I think
I should know
Others expect
Me to know
Only know
That which fills
My hub
At the moment
Heart is open
Do not focus
On that
Is good
Or that
Is evil
Just stay open/receive
The fulcrum
Like an infant
We mix up hunger
For food
With hunger
For pleasure or pain
Hunger is hunger
Appetite goes away
If worry disappears
New ideas
Will appear
As they are needed
I have no fear
There is great abundance
Accept that
This is offered
If I appear dull
Get less intent
From others
Take lessons
From Tai Chi Chuan
Stay between
On my fulcrum
I am where
I am because
The lineage
Has put me there
Being poor
In demo
It protects me
I am only a stone
In some people’s minds
Not a jewel
Master sees
I am now open
To the sustenance
Of the Masters
Stopped reading
Be hollow
Of others ideas
Able to receive
New ideas from
Nature and
From the Masters
Be careful
Of influences
Have done
With other’s ideas
Remain outside
Of what others
As happiness
Just do slow set
I know myself
Stop intent
To attack
Have no more aggravation
Just listen
With apprehension
No difference
Between pulling/pressing
Because there
Is a fulcrum
I never do anything
Others might enjoy
I know
I worry
I do not know
Worry dissolves
Change with Change
The universal chi
Negate intent
All animals
Have an apprehension
About everything
It is a physical feeling
Opening downward
Giving up to gravity
Apprehension gets its strength
From gravity
Always be apprehensive
And rooted
Others are bright/beaming
I am dim/apprehensive
If I suddenly
Want to do something
My entire being
Goes Into it
I am very open
Do to reaching/apprehension  
This is elasticity
If someone is bright
At one end
I am dim
The other end
Because I am aware
I am elastic
Apprehension implies stillness
Softness comes from closing
To the point of stillness
The further from
The center
The faster
The movement
Center is still
Outer edge fast
As the speed of light
As I can think
Perhaps this is the secret
To slow motion
That one experiences
During danger
Be as still/sensitive
As a bubble
On a level
Even a thought
Can throw one out
Of level/stillness
The floor does
Not move me up/down
I should
The level bubble
The horizontal/ vertical
Bubble is located
In your inner ear
Sense it
All applications
Opponent presses
On one part body
Respond with
Another part  
Can even do this
At the point of contact
By making a very small circle
Of energy
My instructions
Right form
The Masters
Remain outside others
By staying inside self
While going thru
The repair phase
Be done
With the past
Focus on present
Have patients
For the future
Is everything
Is the doctrine
Of the mean
Balance above/beneath
Just do slow set
Turn to anew
By being
Be hollow
Be a fulcrum
Behave the Tao
Tai Chi point
Be hollow
Masters will fill   
Arrest pride
I alone and inert
Like a child
That has not yet
Given sign
Stop learning
Others knowledge/emotions
Start feeling
From nature
The real teacher
Superficial happiness
Must experience all
Old emotions
Old sickness
Before I can
Negate them
Feel the situation
Before making a comment
Perhaps have
No feeling about the
So appear dim
If I know
Myself first
Then I can
Know others
In the womb
Of the Master
Feeding on his wisdom
My reaction
To various tests
By the Master
The mother
Is the Masters
Direct link to them
Is thru practice
The only line of communication
Cannot get
The true transmission
Thru others
Be done
With knowing
Past or future
Thru listening
Know the present
Be open
Answers will appear
First move
Of slow set
To Masters/China
Some students
Are open
To Master
Few students open to
The entire lineage
If I am still
And unsympathetic
I have the energy
Of the earth
While others
Are pushing or pulling
I just stay
In neutral and listen
Be receptive
Allow sustenance
To come
From the Masters
The difference between
Good and evil
Is listening
Like a fulcrum
The examination
Of effects
Is to do good
Remove evil
My substance
Comes openly
From the Masters
A good time
A bad time
Are wastes
Of time
Be lazy
When it comes
To others
Let them answer
Their own questions
I can answer it faster
Only they can
Answer it correctly
Be unambitious
With the past
Others ideas
And expectations
Of other’s ideas
Follow the flow
Stay a float
Fight the flow
Be forced under
When going
Thru the changes
Others seems peaceful
Looking down
Upon me
As if
They are feasting
On me
Like a sacrifice
They do not understand
If they are feeding
On me
I am becoming
Part of them
You are what you eat
The groove
Is the valley
This receives all
Only the imagination
Can see over the
Mountains of stillness
Keep moving
Like a river
In the valley
Looking over
Different parts
Of the mountain
With imagination
Instead of
Looking for
A good time
To practice
Practice all the time
A great time
Is supportive
To Slow Set
Be calm
To understand
What I need
To know
Be able
To see
The insincere
See opponent anger
Even if he is pretending
Watch emotions
Other’s knowledge
Is usually untested
By the Masters
Try being
More of a fool
Others will
Reveal themselves
Try being aimless
Others will show
Their intent
To direct
Is from the Tao  
Material things
Past knowledge
However discriminate
Same with knowledge
Old unimportant
It takes up
Too much time
I always seem
To be missing
Perhaps this is the key
To the next new idea
From the Masters
Show no intent
Either way
Good or bad
The 5 senses
Is part of nature
6th sense
Is what decides
What to do with it
If the 6th sense
Is connected
To the Tao
Then sustenance
Is from
The Master
Most students
Are trying
To add more forms
I am trying
To eliminate blockages
In joints/sinews
And my soul
How I learn
Not knowing
What comes next
Remaining open
Empty to receive
The sustenance
From the Masters
An interloper
Never join anything
Other’s cravings
Have done
With news/entertainment
Negate exasperation
I never do anything
Others might enjoy
Condition to find
The fulcrum
The Tao
Be hollow
To receive
A protection
To fill
Solo practice
Will wane
Be done
With learning
From others
Be guided by
The Masters/Tao
If you feel
Like a clay dragon
Or straw dog
Surprises appear
Being merged
With the lineage
Ward off want
To press tranquility
Push peace
Slow Set
Slow living
The reason
It is called
Slow Set
Is to slowly
Learn by
Starting over
As others race
To finish all
And quit
I take
The difficult
And worthy
To learning
Tai Chi Chuan
Tai Chi Chuan
Is the distinct
Advance & retreat
Use a fulcrum
To focus
I am not
Of the past
Nor future
Only the now
A fulcrum
Weighting all
The past and future
The pivot
Of perception
Be hollow
Echo happiness