Wednesday, February 24, 2016



HE who holds the Great Symbol will attract all
 things to him.
They flock to him and receive no harm, for in him they
 find peace, security and happiness.
Music and dainty dishes can only make a passing guest
But the words of Tao possess lasting effects,
Though they are mild and flavorless,
Though they appeal neither to the eye nor to the ear.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen

The great symbol
Is the circle
Keep a mental image
Of the center of gravity
During all gestures
Has a center of gravity
I must first find
My own center of gravity
Once connected
Control it
Once controlled
Take into consideration
Others’ center of gravity
The way
Around Pi

Center of gravity
In each gesture
Center of gravity
Hard to hear
Tough to follow
Live by
Yin/yang symbol
In all situations
Others who have it
In common
Will join
Be open
A test
Strong enough
To receive
Earth’s energy
Be strong
To hold
Yin yang symbol
Using a fulcrum
Stay with slow set
Worthy students
Will come
Teaching will not
Do harm to them
They will discover
Other schools/forms
Apparent riches
Will tempt some
Some will leave
For these things
Worthy will stay
The only way
They become
Is by their lack
Of satisfaction
Of the slow set
Urge to speed up
The process
The dedicated students
Must have heard
This poem
They come
One at a time
Somebody seems like nobody
If they are not centered
Nobody seems like somebody
Those who are not aware
They are centered
It is exciting
When two people
Who have the Tao meet!!
The merging
Of their centers (of gravity)
Double the chi
If students
Came to Master
They are centered
Because they come
But after many tests
Sometimes thrown
Off balance
Somebody becomes
No body
Loss of balance
Once Tai Chi Chuan
As part of me
I will attach
Those who are
Truly interested
Do not discard or ignore
And anyone
Who is worthy
All are worthy
Until Masters decide
I should learn
To use my shiny eyes
By just calling them
Like my Mom does
Eyes reflect
The spirit
Most people
Will find contentment
In my class
Because it is part
Of a safe world
He who understands
Works with it
Will attract all
My own heart
Then others
Like a Dragon
Not like centipedes
Because they have 100 legs
Roots in
100 different things
The Masters
Encompass all
They hold
The great symbol
Embrace students
Without holding them
It is the Masters job
The secret
Is in the great icon
Wanting to hold
As I go deeper
Into Tai Chi Chuan
I have fewer worries
More inward guidance
From the Master
Less interest
In the frosting
On the cake
See the center
Listen to the center
It is inexhaustible
In everything
Except touch

Dwell in the state
Of Tai Chi Chuan
Change with change
I have it
They will come
Who shows up
Is supposed
To be here
Tai Chi first
Worthy students
Will come
What kind
Of teacher
I will be
Center of gravity
Learn to control it
Have the great symbol
The lineage
Is as a Vortexing
Black hole
Takes all in
So enjoy!
Is everything
I am getting
From the lineage
Already in me
Practice is
Uncovering it
Does Master see it
Waits for me
Is the reason
New Hampshire
Is doing so well
I am passing on the Tao
In Tai Chi Chuan
Work very hard
To find the great icon
Tai Chi Chuan
Takes a long Time
Perhaps the Masters
Gave it to me at birth
Then let me
Uncover it
The great icon
Will attract students
And art collectors
Once connected
To the Masters
Attract that which they like
These things cause
No harm
Must avoid
Old ways and vices
The great character
Is my body
I am well
On my way
To this poem
Think Tao
Before you say
In Kai He Style
Hands hold
The great icon
The oneness
With the Masters/China
Center of gravity
Is like a black hole
Where a dime weights
As much as the earth
In slow set
Students will come
Remain connected
To my center of gravity
Feel centrifugal
Away form
Toward center
Remain the fulcrum
Everything balances
On me
Where mind
Is focused
It is the center
Of attention
Is connected
To it
Be a fulcrum
Opponent’s intent
Will be revealed
Before he knows it
My fulcrum
Fulcrum turns into
A compass
Facing north
To the womb
Slow Set
That is
Be connected
To the Masters
All will come
Don’t let things
Take me off center
Balance all thoughts
Like a fulcrum
They will come
I will adjust
To their wishes
They to mine
He who holds up
The lineage
Will attract the art
Stay plumb
In the art
World of new ideas
New ideas come
Note students
Are the source
Of new ideas  
Interfering with my
Tai Chi Chuan
And creativity
Entertainment for
Kai He style
Are holding
Great applications
Great mark
Is my center of gravity
Use it as a fulcrum
In all situations
People will see
That I am
Always balanced
Will seek me out
Being unbalanced
Is a protection
From the unworthy
Is a powerful
As gravity
Gravity assists apprehension
Allow it too
During Kow Tow
To gravity
Deeply rooted gestures
The students
Who are worthy
And have the 6th sense
Will come
They will find the Masters
Thru me
As I found the Masters
Thru Master
Staying centered
Is finding
The fulcrum
Between the object
Of focus
With eyes
And my dragon’s tail
Balance all
Including students
Reason for class
Is to balance
Is the heart
Great badge
The heart
Is being one
With the art
Teaching true
Tai Chi Chuan
Is a black hole
With gravity
Always assisting
Connect the heart
To the technique
When teaching
Tai Chi Chuan
Is controlling mind
Over matter
Things exist
In the mind
Until realized
In the actual world
Fa Jing is like this
Have the idea
And the form
But it is not realized
Until the mind
Tai Chi Chuan
The form
That is formless
A void
Hub of a wheel
I can only imagine it
Opposed to
Material certainty
Grip the gestures
Without form
Journey at will
Is the actual creation
Transferred into
Without becoming
Undoing without
Becoming empty
Find the fulcrum
Balance the world
Stay in Slow Set
Worthy students
Will attend
Will assist
Student’s words have
Eternal effects
For they are
The Masters
Tao is a fulcrum
The Tai Chi Chuan gestures
Is above
Also below
As a matter of fact
All around
It like water
For the gesture
It is inaudible
Quiet, silent
Look for it
It is invisible
Touch it
It will ward-off
Calm peaceful
And at ease
Tai Chi Chuan
Will attract
All things
Remember that not all things
Are open
All the time
So Tai Chi Chuan
Must be bright enough
For the worthy
To see
Some stay
For they would not exist
Other wise
Always remember
The first teacher
Thought they are
Mild and flavorless
What cannot
Be apprehended
Use ward-off
To protect me
All gestures
Are expressed
In slow set
Because all gestures
Are in me
Can get it
Understand it
Eventually others
Will see it in me
The fulcrum
Weigh anything
Even the ideas
Of others
Can weigh
The most
The support leg
Is the fulcrum
Of gesture
Being positive
Similar positive people
And things will be
A long my side
Also negative people
Will attach
Until they become
If not
Will step
To the side
Always remain
If I return negative
Positive people
Will attach to
Turn me negative
This positive/negative
Of others
Is what turns me
Like an electric motor
Perhaps this is
The energy
Use water
To describe the Tao
Perhaps electricity
Can be used too
The imperceptible
Great form
No intent/empty
Able to receive
Without harm
To self/others
I must get
The inexhaustible
Great form first
Done by getting
To know myself first
Thru practice
In slow set  
Worthy students
Will come
Remain connected
To center of gravity
Feel centrifugal/centripetal
Changing with change
The fulcrum
Everything balances on me
Where mind is focused
Is the center of attention
Is connected to it
Body expanding
Like the universe
Is the great sign (Wu)
Now worthy students
Will arrive
Animal alert
To the Masters
The great representation
Is located in the c.o.g. (Waist)
Able to balance all
Find fulcrum
Balance all
One with Masters
Negate entertainment
Entire body expanding
Like the universe
Because I am the universe
Add spiral rotation
To the expanding
During slow set
The above is
Tai Chi Chuan
Now worthy students
Will arrive
Have put me
In touch
With the Tao
Of Tai Chi Chuan
The Great Symbol
Is the circle “return”
To receive
Is to give and return
The great symbol
Is located in the c.o.g. (waist)
Fulcrum able
To balance everything
Tai Chi Chuan
Only the worthy
Will come
He who is connected
To the Masters
Will attract only
Those that are worthy
The above
Is the great symbol
Now students
Only the worthy come
The unworthy will go
Squat to reach
The spirit
Opens me
To the great symbol
Make me the center
Of the universe
He who has
Tai Chi Chuan
Will attract all things
Including, ideas, art, good health
And peace of mind
After ½ a life time
Editing my life
What is important
Most important being frugal
With energy
Does “it take my energy?”
How to get students
They find me
If they are worthy
This is a higher level
Of teaching
Tai Chi Fulcrum
My teaching has
Eternal effects
Those who find
Their fulcrum
Link to the lineage
Attach only the worthy
The well balanced
Transcendental center
Embracing all
Without gestures
Is Tai Chi Chuan
Anchor to China
Tai Chi Chuan
Only the worthy

Are attracted

In matters not

What they wear
Teach Slow Set
To the worthy
The oneness
Is a love
For the art
Wu Wei
The world
By being yin
Build it
The worthy
Will come
Use the fulcrum
Not force
Tai Chi fulcrum
Will balance all
At the point
Of contact
Physically and spiritually
Tao Te Chuan