Wednesday, February 24, 2016



PERHAPS the Way of Heaven may be likened to the
stretching of a composite bow! The upper part is
depressed, while the lower is raised. If the bow-string is
too long, it is cut short: if too short, it is added to.
The Way of Heaven diminishes the more-than-
enough to supply the less-than-enough. The way of
man is different: it takes from the less-than-enough to
swell the more-than-enough. Who except a man of
the Tao can put his superabundant riches to the
service of the world?
Therefore, the Sage does his work without setting
any store by it, accomplishes his task without dwelling
upon it. He does not want his merits to be seen.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen

Cannot see
The power
Of a bow
Nor the power
Of the Tao
Feel the string/gesture
I know it is there
Be likened to
Stretching of
A composite bow
Upper part
Is depressed
While lower
Is raised
If the bow
is too long
It is cut short
If too short, it is
Added to
Tai Chi Chuan
Is like bending
A bow
If an opponent presses
On my body/string
The force must
Be absorbed
Like a string
Top sinks down
Bottom comes up
Both meeting
At the point of contact
It is really pressing
On my spirit (string)
Causing me
To have more Jing
Boat in water
Press down on
The boat
It wants to come up
Trying to press up
Wants to stay down (gravity)
Tai Chi Chuan student
Be like the boat
In calm water
Listen and go
With the flow
Of the water/nature
Tai Chi Chuan
Is like stringing
A bow
Top is spirit
Bottom is gravity
Jing is the string
Move the spirit
It pulls up gravity
Gravity pulls spirit down
Into body
Slow set
Is like a bow
Masters spirits
Pull down
Earth’s energy Jing/Chi
Pulled up
If attacked
Be elastic
To fight back
The bow loves
To be tested
If the top (spirit)
Is pressed down
Bottom must go up
To keep the bow
Keep it strung
I am alive
The pelvic bow
Kidney meridian
Like a bow string
Upper part
Of the bow
Is Masters spirit
Lower part
Of the bow
Is earth/China’s energy
The way
Of the Masters
Is like a fulcrum

The hidden bow
Bow to Bow
Cannot be seen
Bow to Bow
When bowing
To opponent
Top of head
Goes down
Over his spirit
While root raise up
Under opponent’s
Center of gravity
The Bow is strung
Opponent can sense it
When bowing
To the Masters
If worthy
They pull me
Into them
The bottom ascends
To pelvis
The top descends
To the waist
When pulling on
A bow string
Energy comes
From the bow
Not from
Hands and string
Bow bends
In middle (waist)
Top and bottom equal
Like a tree branches
And roots equal
Negate desire
To be used
Like an arrow
Minus acclaim
Negate merit
Pull the string
Master are pulled in
Gravity (earth’s energy) Jing/Chi
Is pulled up
No intent
No push

The bOw
Bow to bOw
Ways of the Masters
Remove intent
Improve harmony
And health
Teach class
By removing
Not adding too

Body open
Ready to pounce
The means
Of spirit
Is like drawing a bow
Is condensed
Is satisfied
Spirit is brought
To earth (gravity)
The gravity is raised
To spirit
This is the merging
That man is meant to do
Man is pure spirit
And gravity
True Jing
Tai Chi Chuan
Before it is a bow
It must reach
Highest level
Of stretching
Takes from
His abundant knowledge
Give to worthy student
Above is opening bOw
Try to straighten
The bow
The string will go
To teach
Maybe break
Goes low
Rise up
Artist like Tao
Rich in thoughts
Give to those
Who are unfortunate
In ideas
One must find
The bow first
Then strings it (slow set)
Next bend it
Connect/control gesture
Finally shoot arrow
For having
Advanced students
They learn
Along side
And from beginners
Start teaching
With superabundance
Of chi
Master is having
A difficult time
Getting us
To string our bows
Learning = lingering
Once found
Should not linger
In the solution
Rather move on
To the next problem
The Master makes
The worthy student
Like a bellow
Do not brag
Bragging brings
Superficial students
Horizontal like
A whip
Vertical like a bow
Both must have
A firm grip
To have Jing (energy)
All the power
Is imitated at the grip
This must be firm
But not rigid
If the bow or whip
With tight cells
It will not work
So when constructing
The bow or whip
Every detail
Must be perfect
Or no Jing
To obtain Jing
Be perfect
Once perfect
Then mind understands
It then can
Order the body
to produce perfection
It is all
In the bow
Upper must go lower
Lower must go higher
This is what makes
The circle
High (mind)
Is low (body)
Low (mind)
Is high (body)
Stay the opposite
Of opponent
of Tai Chi Chuan
Who truly understands  
Slow set
Will focus on
Only alignment
Knowledge of it

Masters see
Those with too much mind
Get back to earth (gravity)
Get down lower
Those physically strong
To raise their mind (thinking)
Use their minds
Giving them one corner
Letting them figure out
The other three of the square
Advance level
Is when not in class
Get the instruction
From afar time/space
Lineage has no bounds
The school
Is like the individual
Some part
Of the body or mind
Others not
Master has made
His objective
Does not dawdle
The Tao heaven
Is Ching (idea)
Chi (energy)
Shen (spirit)
The way of
Tai Chi Chuan
Is excess chi
Is move
To area of body
Lacking due to
Blockage or neglect
With an opponent
Chi is moved
Inside him
Only the Masters
Will allow movement
Of chi
Only if I have
The ability
To listen
To the Masters
Be a bow
Pull spirit down
To point of focus
Pull earth/ China’s energy
Jing/Chi up
Get spirit
To student/weapon/opponent
If worthy
Ready to learn
Will receive/understand
Worthy will teach
And be without ego
Tai Chi gestures
Like a bow
Must be strung
Between spirit and gravity
Gestures/string are stretched
To produce Jing/Chi
Cannot see
But do sense it
To record
Tai Chi Chuan
For the world
Merging spirit/gravity
Receiving from the Masters
To give to the art
Composition bow effect
Morning practice
Is self-seeking
Before service
In class
Realize the body bow
Spirit up
Gravity down
Before bow is strung
This is opening
Once strung
Spirit down
Gravity up
On point
Bow to bow”