Wednesday, February 24, 2016



HIGH Virtue is non-virtuous;
Therefore it has Virtue.
Low Virtue never frees itself from virtuousness;
Therefore it has no Virtue.
High Virtue makes no fuss and has no private ends
 to serve:
Low Virtue not only fusses but has private ends to serve.
High humanity fusses but has no private ends to serve:
High morality not only fusses but has private ends
 to serve.
High ceremony fusses but finds no response;
Then it tries to enforce itself with rolled-up sleeves.
Failing Tao, man resorts to Virtue.
Failing Virtue, man resorts to humanity.
Failing humanity, man resorts to morality.
Failing morality, man resorts to ceremony.
Now, ceremony is the merest husk of faith and loyalty;
It is the beginning of all confusion and disorder.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen

Pond‘s surface
With a gesture
Of the hand
Taste the water
This is Tai Chi Chuan
The falling leaf
Before it hits the ground
Notice the autumn colors
This is Tai Chi Chuan
Turn the head
To meet the smell
Of freshly cutgrass
This is Tai Chi Chuan
Listen to the sixty beats
A minute
Of the heart
First my heart
Then others
This is Tai Chi Chuan
Feel all the above
With love
This is Tai Chi Chuan
Set heart
On the fruit
It has the seed
Of more plants (ideas)
Work from the inside
To the outside
Words from the outside
To the inward
Will not make
It inside
A warning
Interpreting energy
Do not be preoccupied
With energy
Just follow
Or else it will
Develop intent
To change it
Let it lead
If it is going
To a good place
Keep following
Going to a bad place
Do not try to change it
Ward off
Change with change
Listening comes
Before virtue
Prefer what is
Within joints
To that
Of the muscles
It is the empty space
That is important
The space between
Me and others
Is the most important
The greater the space
The more can flow thru
Master is 3000 miles away
More things in between us
I can still focus on
What is coming thru?
Time is the same
Greater the distance
From the past
Tests my concentration
And memory
To the present
Push hands
Without intent
To harm/hurt
Is virtuous
To heal
Without thinking
Is virtuous
To teach
Without sense of self
Is virtuous
To teach
Without condition
Is virtuous
Without preference
Of students
Stay with the lineage
Live long
Tao is dwelling
If not in the Tao
Resort to
Rules of push hands
Cannot do push hands
Resort to doing
Just the exercise/dance
Cannot  do the exercise/dance
Resort to luck
The within
With Master
Where I am Going
Might be wrong
The movement
Of Tai Chi Chuan
Is to return
My center of gravity
To the earth’s control
With the earth
The universe
Which I am
Already part of
Must return
To realizing this
Prefer healing
Rather than harming
Myself and others
Set heart
On the roots
They are what nourish
Be quiet!
Be virtuous
When teaching
This is really learning
During a demo
Prefer what is
Going on inside
Rather than outside
Set heart
On slow set
The internal gestures
Not push hands
Set heart
On healing
Not harming
Negate ceremony
Think it
Do not do it
How to discover
What is within
By discarding that which
Is covering it
When Master says
Go lower
Feel the pain
He means
To go deeper
Into self
Feel the pain
Of the past
Repair it
Once felt relax
It will go away
I am stronger now
Fore knowledge = worry
Better to follow
Feel the present
We share
The same moon
With the Masters
Masters have been there
So follow
The moon light
Give up self
Follow nature
This includes
Other people
Heart alignment
To speeding up
The process
Align the heart
To the problem
Then listen
Reside in the heart
Not the limbs
Wear Taoist jacket
It contains the Tao
Virtue = fulcrum
Prefer healing
Than harming
Set heart
On my own creativity
Not others
Stop resorting
To old ways
Follow heart
Into future
Giving or helping
Without request
Only if I think it
Set heart
On Slow Set
Not push hands
Slow set
Is the fruit
Weapons/push hands
The flowers
With thorns
Work on their form
Let the Masters correct
Their life
Only if they are worthy
Prefer internal first
Then the external
Tao = Masters
Correct within
I will not
Be without
Virtue = fulcrum
Intent is folly
Is assurance
Lose the way
I have virtue
Lose virtue
I have humanity
Lose humanity
I have duty
Lose duty
I have courtesy
Lose courtesy
Disarray will cause
More courteous
Leads to duty
To students in turn
Failing Tai Chi Chuan
Man resorts
To intent
Failing intent
Man resorts
To verbal harm

Failing verbal harm
Leads to physical conflict
Failing physical conflict
Man resorts
To war
Failing war
Man resorts
To ceremony
To understand
Tai Chi Chuan
The ability
To interpret energy
Is the flower
And the beginning
Of folly
Emotional/physical challenge
Warning against
Use of force
Halts progress
Effects his purpose (idea)
Negate glory in it
Effects his purpose
Negate boast of it
Effects his purpose
Negate pride in it
Only effect
New concepts
In push hands
As a regrettable
Show off
It will only last
As long as
A bolt of lightening
Slowing off
Causes essence
To leave
Tung system
Harmony of the seen
When the way
Is lost
True Tai Chi Chuan
Is lost
Only then
Do we have
Foreknowledge (assume)
Is but the flower
First think
To call your attention
A distraction
From the real
The brighter
The more often
See the real
We all see the
Purple cone flower
But not aware of
The Echinacea
Medicine roots
Stop dwelling
Living in previous
Thoughts or gestures
Also have no intent
Living in future
Thoughts and gestures
At some point
Give up self
Follow nature
Then self
I am part of nature
Human circle
Usually pain injury
Emotional hang ups
Is a way
To get into self
For some repairs
Heart alignment
Is the secret
To speeding
Up the process
Aligns the heart
To the problem
Then listen
On the fulcrum
Not the extremities
Is doing
Tai Chi Chuan forms
Most do it as an exercise
Finding the function
Of the art
Is the secret
I don’t
Need rites
A Master
Of push hands
Will not demonstrate
If the form
Is accurate
Principles exact
Results in
A new idea
Master visits
In animal forms
What happen outside
Of class
Does not count
Nor my fault
If truly connected
To the Masters
They will follow
Beyond class
Go for
The only need
For push hands
Is that one
Is not
Using the 6th sense
The Masters
Will scold
If off the track
Do everything
In accordance
With the Tao/nature
If it is not
Soon find out
A student
Of the highest level
Of Tai Chi Chuan
Will not display/feel it
On his own
But that of the Masters
Expressing it thru him
High level
Tai Chi Chuan
Is at rest
Only acts
If it is acted upon
This high level
Of the same mind
Will follow
Virtue is the ability
To listen; good/evil
Judging is the Tao
Treating students
Like soldiers
Difficult growing
The students
Followed by a year
Wrong direction
To quickly
Is to accelerate
Those whom
Have reached
Tai Chi Chuan qualities
Do not seek
To display/retain  
Student of the lineage
Effects his resolve
Finds a new idea/feelings
Each day
Don’t apply
Push hands
Too soon
The student
Who uses his 6th sense
During push hands
Is reviewing Tai Chi
Repetition of form
Thru-out the day
Is serious practice
Skill means
Second nature
Also has
After success
Would be against
The lineage
Tai Chi Chuan
Is passive
Attributes were gone
When kindness appears
Kindness missing
When morality appears
Morality vanishes
When correctness appears
Tai Chi is formed
Full grown man
Takes his stand
Upon the solid foundation
Not upon
Mere hand gesture
Only when slow set
Is not practice
Does the doctrine
Push hands/weapons arise
To make contact
With the Masters
Salute and kow tow
Open heart/mind
When Master
Tells me
I understand
He is relating to
Tao Te Ching#38
Try to understand nature
Then Tai Chi Chuan
Then self
Then others
Who are nature
High level applications
Make no fuss
Have no end
Just goes into another
When doing applications
Just do it
If it works fine
Or not
Do another application
Don’t do an application
With an ulterior motive
The reason
I practice
Is my love
For chaos
Know environment
Then tai chi Chuan
Then applications
Then you will learn
About virtue
With the slow set
This contains
The seed
Of the epiphany
Merely confirming
The right path
A test by the Masters
Upheaval is a
Challenge by the Masters
Rooting guidance
Flowering class
Bare no fruit
The preparatory point
Is tranquility
After students
Lose slow set
They seek power
If they taste the power
Thru the 5 senses
Then they seek
That which is outward
Rather than
That which is inward
The 6th sense
Away the dust
To see the form clearly
Has a price
Is overgrown
Adornment subordinate
To slow set
He who teaches
To aid the lineage
Takes on all challenges
Including encounters
With his own shortcoming
Of the future gesture
Is routine in slow set
To become preoccupied
Master tells me
I think too much
I am preoccupied
To be preoccupied
With virtue
Is no virtue
Learn to distinguish
Between just thinking
And preoccupation
Is negating
The now
Only the real
Can affect me
Not the imagined
But the really imaginary
Somebody seems like nobody
Nobody seems like somebody
Master Tung Kai-ying.
To the Masters
Do nothing
Yet nothing
Remains undone
They accomplish
Their work
Thru students
If not connected
Forever doing
Yet everything
Forever undone
The Master
Of Tai Chi Chuan
Does not divulge
His supremacy
Stop gratification
Thru ego
Lead with compassion
Virtue is the ability
To listen; good/evil
Judging is the Tao
Set heart
On the gestures
Not the applications
Set heart
On Slow Set
It will lead
To all
Avoid evil
The Masters
Have set my heart
On slow set
To have
The foundation/substance
To support/understand
The gestures
The seed was planted
35 years ago
Maybe sooner
At birth?
Plant has been growing
For 35 years
Recently bearing fruit/flowers
Only a Master
Can reach the level
Of planting the seed
For the next Master
Negate intent
To be good
Have Apprehension
To be bad
Focus on the art
Not the ego
Negate Ego
A tree does not
Tell another tree
What to do
It does provide shade
Without intent
And a place for birds
To live without rent
In return the birds
Groom the tree
Of insects
Negative Future
Causes fulcrum
Of the present
Counter with positive
Past thoughts
Let the Masters
Guide in all
Masters work
Thru the waist
The commander
Waist is the starting
Point of the gesture
It calls the Jing/Chi
And the spirit
Aligned with
Directed by
First know/fill self
Via Slow Set
This is the oneness
Then forget/hollow self
Think/receive others
Tai Chi is being aware
Of all around me
Receiving only the good
Ward-off/ rollback/press/push
The bad
Others will see
My character
The earnest
Can sense
That are sincere