Wednesday, February 24, 2016



WITHOUT going out of your door,
You can know the ways of the world.
Without peeping through your window,
You can see the Way of Heaven.
The farther you go,
The less you know.
Thus, the Sage knows without travelling,
Sees without looking,
And achieves without Ado.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen


Be a spoke
On the wheel
Travel around
Without leaving
The hub/home  
Don’t trust others
Trust my heart
First get to know
My own heart
Once I know myself
Then I can travel
Use my senses
To know others
This is Tai Chi Chuan  
Follow heart
The heart
Follows nature
A picture is worth
1000 words
Words describes
The picture
The less I know
The less intent
To be right
I know
Without using
My senses
I can know the world
Seeing heaven

The road
Less traveled
Causes less
Stay at home
With the heart
Things appear
People visit
Do not know
Who calls
They just show up
If I really need them
This applies
To students/collectors
If I am calm
At home
"It" will come
But if traveling
Dust left behind
Blocks my view
Of home
So stay at home ado
Arm stretch exercise
For the thorax
The porter making
The load equal
Finding the fulcrum
Of the heart
Remaining behind
But apprehensively
Staying ahead
Like a spring  
Press it down
Feel it wanting
To go up
Feel the same
In life
Always going
Humbly lower
At the same time
Want to spring forward
Because the Masters
Have seen all the ways
Of the world
I can stay at home
Open heart
See everything
Thru the Masters eyes
Vicarious vision
Push hands
Can be know
Without doing
Push hands
Do slow set
Imagine an opponent
Will always win
More control
Of intent
Is not going
Outside of self
True apprehension
Higher spirit
Deeper root
The further I go
From Slow Set
The less I know
Without doing
Push hands
I can know
Just do slow set
Undo human reaction
To animal instincts
Without reading
Grandmaster Tung Ying-chieh’s journal
I can know
What is in it
By getting a new feeling
Each day
Must go outside
To see that
I do not need
To go outside
Go to camp
To see why
I do not need
To go to camp
Do not travel out
Of my head
And stay
In my heart
Without going
To class
I get corrections
From the Masters
Because I am
To the Masters
They are inside me
Making correction
Even though
They are years away
In the past
Miles away
Still in the present
To undo/redo
To anew
Because the Masters
Have seen
All the ways
Of the world
I can stay at home
With open heart
See everything
Thru the Masters eyes
Feel the fulcrum
The point between
Between people
Always is the point
The further I go  
From my heart
The less
I will know
Without touching
Without watching
Without doing
I must
Kow Tow
To the Master
Then if worthy
Will Kow Tow
To me
Teaching me
First I must travel
To show Master
In body/spirit
Then if I am
He will travel to me
In spirit/mind
It must be circular
Master gives to me
I return it
To Master
As time goes on
More and more
Energy is circulated
Is like entertainment
It is not needed
Without going out
Of my body
I can know
Tai Chi Chuan
Of the mind
Of the imagination
Without going
To Master’s class
I know the corrections
I am always in class
Without going
To camp
I can know
Tai Chi Chuan
I am worthy
Without dying
I can
Dead Masters
Of the past
To the Masters
For the Masters
Have already
Travelled for me
Stay at home
The Masters
And students
Will come
Without leaving
My present location
I can know all
The computer/internet
Is within me
All that was ever
Or will ever being
Is in within me
Thanks to the Masters
Stay inside myself
Find the fulcrum
I am the fulcrum
Without anchoring
Results in going
Off balance
Think it
Don’t do it
The internet takes
Me too far
The lineage wants
To take
Me too far
So I will return
To hollow
Which might
Be too far
The other way
Each time
A student
Is proven
To be worthy
Becoming connected
To the lineage
A new universe
Is created
The student has all
The knowledge
The universe ever
And ever will
Be created
To Masters
See the universe
In one gesture
Proof the Masters
Are with me
Stay within
My mind
For my mind
Is the universe
Just think it
Don’t say it
Or do it
The universe
Is within me
I am a new universe
When I practice
Must find
The hollow
Joint first
With the use of gravity
Then spirit can
Fill it with ideas
If I know
Myself inside
Then I know others
Without wearing
Their thoughts
The Tao
Is within me
The farther
That I go outside
The less I understand
Once I know self
Then I expand
To encompass outside
Without going outside
On now
Don’t let mind
To the past or future
The now is a bellows
Between the past and future
Work the bellows
If I am open then
I will feel
What is right
I am a microcosm
Everything outside
Me is a macrosm  
What happens inside
Also happens outside
Outside influences inside
Results in Infinity
One gesture
Understand all
The farther I go
The less I know
The Masters
Will come
To me
They have to
If the art
Is to continue
The farther
I go
From the Master
The less I learn
If I do go outside myself
It means
I am not connected
To the Masters
Once I am truly connected  
If I go outside
It is the way
To learn about others
And it is probably
A test
The future
Is the universe
Tai Chi Chuan
Is the subjugation
Of mind
Over matter
Learn to hear
With ears
Learn to hear
With mind
Learn to hear
With spirit
The internal realm
This is established
In the heart
Staying home
The traveling body
For the spirit
Of the person or thing
Without intent
Push hands
I have already
Been there
In previous life
To everything
In the universe
Past, present and future
In Tai Chi Chuan
Three things
In slow set
It is all
Confidence is
To be found
In alignment
Mistakes shaped
In force application
With touching
Without watching
Kow Tow
To the Master
Then if worthy
The Master will
Kow Tow to me
Hence I do not have
To travel
He will travel to me
First thru workshops
Then the mind
It must be circular
The Master gives
To me
I return it to Master
As time goes on
More and more energy
Is circulated
Without going
Out door
Or peeking
Thru window
Can know
The way of the
I am the universe
Without going out
Of my heart
I can know
The body
I can know
Others and surrounds
The computer
The imagination
Tai Chi Chuan
From a connection
To the Masters
And nature
See the fulcrum
In nature
Thru the eyes
Of the art
Connected to lineage
They know
See all
No need for library
Use home computer
Without going outside
Once connected
To Masters
Camp/seminars are
Not necessary
Using the Tai Chi circle
Receive what
Has been thinking
First Kow Tow to it
Support it
So it will not resist
Once I connect
To the lineage
No need to travel
Outside my studio
Heartfelt lineage
Heartfelt gestures
Not attending
Master’s workshop
Of worthy connection
To the lineage
Only if worthy
And connected
To lineage
In 3 stages
  1. Accumulate
  2. Organize
  3. Eliminate
Enough said
The worthy
Need not
Can be applied
To the past
And future