Wednesday, February 24, 2016



HEAVEN lasts long, and Earth abides.
What is the secret of their durability?
Is it not because they do not live for themselves
That they can live so long?
Therefore, the Sage wants to remain behind,
But finds himself at the head of others;
Reckons himself out,
But finds himself safe and secure.
Is it not because he is selfless
That his Self is realized?

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen


After I get to know myself
Via Slow Set
I must know others
Via teaching
I must live for the lineage
To pass on
The art
To others
By following others
Giving myself up
Follow = creative
I like the idea
Of just teaching
At my studio
So do
The Masters
In gestures
Comes from connecting
To previous
And next gesture
Always remain
In the current gesture
Until it is
Fully expressed
Then I can arrive
In the next gesture
The above is being
In a state
Of apprehension

Put myself behind
Finish in front
Of opponent’s intent
I know myself
Well enough
To be able
To advance
To knowing others
Once I can
Know others
I can use
Their senses
This makes me first
Heaven can refer
To the point between
The eyebrows
Earth refers to the
Point just below
The navel
My center of gravity
Remains back/under
Opponent’s center of gravity
It is easy
To control
An opponent
Who is using
With no root
But difficult
To control
An opponent
Who has control of his
Center of gravity
He knows himself
Handle this opponent
By remaining calm
Let him go first
The Master
Can give me
The entire art
In one thought
One thought
Can last a life time
That I don’t
Have to Search
Because it is inside me
I am practicing
Slow Set
In search of Slow Set
Once I know myself
Then I must live
For others
This is following/listening
Causes following
Thru apprehension listen
Some stand next
To the Master
For years
Unaware of him
While others see him once or
Twice a year
And know him well
I must know myself
Before I can let myself
The hollow space
I will be anchored
And ahead (advancing)
At the same
Spirit is
Always there
As is gravity
But we lose contact
With them
By just thinking of
I am the conduit
For the energy
From the earth
Going to heaven
Once I realize this
I have realized self
Tai Chi Chuan makes me
Aligned strong and still
So energy can pass
Reeling silk thru me
From earth to heaven
Do not stop or delay
The process
Breaking the silk
There is no cessation
In Tai Chi Chuan
Are forever
If I connect them
To the earth/China
Thru me
Intent reaches
Apprehension abide
Tai Chi Chuan student
Is apprehensive
Finds himself ahead
Of others
Because he is apprehensive
And listening
Be so apprehensive
I am a wild animal
Hiding from fame
Like the Tiger
Not seen
Reputation will reach far
Without having
To reveal myself
Either Tai Chi Chuan
Makes me stronger
Or I quit
As I get stronger
I can handle more
And a stronger
Urge to quit
A test by the Masters
I must master
Myself first
Others later
How do I become
A Master?
Master myself first
Is forever/constant
Gravity is permanent
Because the two
Are connected
Negate the ego
Become elastic
By first establishing
This makes me
And behind others
To others
Before they connect
To me
I establish the elasticity
I find
Yin/yang ball
Out front me
Everything must touch
The ball
Before touching me
This way I know everything
Before it gets to me
I am out
Of the lope
Therefore, I am
In the right direction
Serve the art
I will succeed
I never do anything
I might enjoy
A bow cannot
Be a bow
Without the help
Of someone
Triggering it
To remain behind
I must not show
What I have
In mind
Not knowing
Is a great concealer
Do not do
Tai Chi Chuan
Practice for myself
But rather for the lineage
And to improve
The art
Do not think
That the energy
Is only coming from me
I am part of earth
Realize this
I can use earths
Energy freely
Separate from the earth
I separate
From the lineage
Is everlasting
Earth gravity
Is very old
I choose
To be last
I am following/listening
So I will become first
To understand
Become part
Of heaven
Part of earth/China
Thru Tai Chi Chuan
Live forever
The art is forever
It is made
From spirit and gravity
It is art
If it is forever
Gestures are the art
The secret
Of connecting
Spirit and gravity
Man is
The bow
In between
Let earth pull
Yin down
Using yang energy
Let spirit pull the yang up
Using Yin energy
Once in place
Move with nature
My own nature
A fulcrum exists
To weight
Yin and yang exists
For the fulcrum
Spirit and gravity
Exists for man
Who is the fulcrum
Torso/top opens
To heaven
Circles the earth
Bottom gives up
To gravity
Remain behind
Is following
Following is
Listening is
Getting to know myself
Following/listening is
Knowing others
Spirit and gravity
Is the bow
Lineage is the string
Tai Chi Chuan is the arrow
Man controls the energy
With the fulcrum
Apprehension abide
Tai Chi Chuan student is
Finds himself
Ahead of others
Because he is apprehensive
And following/listening
Give up
Live for the everlasting lineage
Art and Tai Chi Chuan
Be last and listen
Be a centrifuge
I will be filled
Tai Chi gesture
Remain behind
Find myself ahead
With apprehension
Be safe
Realize myself first
Thru slow set then others
Thru push hands
And earth/gravity
Meet at center of gravity
Give up
To gravity
To pull spirit
Spirit can pull
Me from gravity
Results in elasticity
Don’t project
Avoid conflict
Life and death
Two sides
To the same coin
Yin and Yang
Two sides
To the same idea
Spirit and gravity
Two sides
To the same person
Treat myself
As if I am
Foreign to myself
I am in the sense
That I am
What other people
Made me
Not me
I am like
Heaven and earth
I follow
The Masters
Students follow me
If they don’t
They have not connected
To the lineage
When I was an infant
I was for myself
With help from others
Then older
I become dependent
On the others
To the point of
Forgetting myself
Living others
Ideas and lives
Eventually I am not myself but
What others made me
The test is if I stop
Will others continue on
This is the students leaving me
Or me leaving them
It is like lightening
Coming from the sky
But really coming
From the earth up
Tai Chi Chuan
Is like life
I am born
Learn Tai Chi Chuan
On my own
Teach Tai Chi Chuan
Have a child
Produce a student/teacher
Get wise
Become a Master  
Die but live on
Thru my students
As I practice
Tai Chi Chuan
I become more aware
Of others intent
Therefore if
I am last
I am listening
Tai Chi Chuan
Is ceaseless
Like heaven and earth
To be eternal
One must forget self
Follow nature
To support the art
Spread it
Really means
To join
The eternal nature
One lives
For the other
Heaven (spirit)
Lives for
Earth (gravity)
And vice versa
One cannot live
Without the other
Reckons himself out
No students
But finds himself
Safe and secure
Must realize
Masters are always taking
Care of me
The test
Endless tests
I am realizing self
Spirit and gravity
Afford a form
To the me
I afford it
To my students
By not living
For myself only
Live for the school
Put myself behind
The school
I will be preserved
Spirit needs
A mind and body
To exist
Gravity needs
A body and mind
To exist
Tai Chi Chuan
Found body bow
Know fulcrum
Weigh others
Stay balanced
I live
For Masters
Of art/Tai Chi Chuan
Confirmed by me
Being a straw dog
Paper dragon
Ego balancing
Not vice versa
Live long
For the lineage
Via Tai Chi Chuan