Wednesday, February 24, 2016


THIRTY spokes converge upon a single hub;
It is on the hole in the center that the use of
 the cart hinges.
We make a vessel from a lump of clay;
It is the empty space within the vessel that makes it
We make doors and windows for a room;
But it is these empty spaces that make the room livable.
Thus, while the tangible has advantages,
It is the intangible that makes it useful.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen


30 Applications
Converge upon
A single gesture
It is the support
That the gesture
Pivots on
I make a knife
From a lump of metal
It is the hollow hand
Makes it Useful
We make door and windows
For a practice space
It is empty space
Makes it useful
Thus all touchable things
Are supported by
The intangible
Support /follow
Is the secret
To strength
In Tai Chi Chuan
Lead 100 students
Thru the art
Support them
They must feel support
Find their own
If I am hollow
I am a hub
All things
Can change
Around me
Ancestor of lead
Realized that I can
Review journals
From beginning
And bring it
All together
Each journal
Is like a spoke
30 spoke = 30 years
The hub is my blog
Of Tai Chi Chuan
Is like spokes
On a wheel
My center of gravity
Is the hub
Two gestures
Is the usefulness
Of Tai Chi Chuan
Pile stance
Hold one posture
Then hold other
Between the two
Is the useful part
Movement is useful
But it is defined
By stillness
The secret is
The "then"
Which in fact
Is the fulcrum
Having the center of gravity
Or center
Of the circle
Will give me the
Of the moment
The hub must
Have an axle
The vessel must
Have a base
The doors and windows
Must have a foundation
All empty spaces
Must have a support
An empty gesture
Must have hands
The hub
Must be occupied
To be useful
The vessel
Must contain liquid
To be useful
The room
Must contain practice
To be useful
Be aware of
The area surrounding
The void
Solid, Liquid, Gas
Solid; expands
When heated
When cooled
The upward force
Buoyant force
Density of a gas
Varies directly
Pressure exerted
On the gas
Feel intent
Thru air pressure
Around me
Empty space
It is the joint
In the wrist
That is important
Always keep
A portion of my
Mind, heart and body
On my center
Always be aware
Of the fulcrum
Space must
Be hollow
Before I
Can ballast
Chi into it
Converge Chi
On fulcrum/hub
Tao = void = hub
Tao is the ability
To fill the void
With an idea
Remove it too
The point of contact
Must be hollow
(No intent)
To hear/feel
What the opponent’s
Intent is
This is forgetting self
Following others
Thirty spokes
Must have a hub
Or else they are
No longer spokes
Just sticks of wood
Things are defined
By what they are related to
Relationships are
What hold things together
Emotions, physically, mentally
In my mind
I relate to somebody
I connect to him or her
If they occupy my mind
Because I do not relate
To them
This means I am relating to
Them anyway
The unrelated relationship
Is the one that
I must ward off
It seems like
One has more
Of a relationship
To his foes
Than his friends or family
Why is that?
Perhaps it is a primitive
Self-defense survival
Ideas are
Like photos
Or the written word
Once revealed
They are forever
For everybody
Hub = hip
Must be hollow
Stretch partner
Is a way of repairing
Any broken spokes
(Physical or mental)
In their wheels
Look upon time
Not practicing
As the most
Important time
Make this time
Less and less
In duration
Until always
A continues
Rolling wheel
Must be open
Before it can empty
Must stay open
To remain empty
The waist = the hub
Where the 30 techniques
It is the empty space
In our waist
Something is created
From nothing
Realize this
Results in twice
As much chi
Do not try
To send energy
Beyond hands
Into opponent
Too soon
Practice sending
It too a weapon
To the hub
Of the gesture
The opponent’s
Empty area
By a challenge
Fill Opponent’s
Empty space
With goodness
Win him over
He ends up
Wanting to
Study with me
Is the bellows
The school
Is like a bellows
That which is within
Is important
Not the walls
Ankle problem
Is like a broken spoke
In the wheel
Without the spokes
It will not function
The arms/legs
Have a common point
The center of gravity
Center of gravity
Changes with change
Which it cannot do
If I fill it
So it must
Remain hollow
Of intent
Be aware
Must be connected
To the wheel hub
To work
For the wheel
To work
It also needs gravity (ground)
And potential energy
To turn/roll
The above lesson
Is doing Tai Chi
Without a flat tire
No hollow space
How can
The Masters enter
Spirit or energy
Entering causes
Friction = Chi
Are important
But it is the joints
That makes them functional
Lack of practice
Makes for dysfunctional
In Tai Chi Chuan
30 different forms
Of Tai Chi Chuan
On student
It is slow set
Makes other
Forms function
Hear words/ideas
How I
Understand them
That is important
Inner space
Is important
I can move
Around in it
Hollow arms
Can receive changes
The center of my body
Is not solid
It is a whole
Where every
Thing converges
Make it hollow
Like an axle
3 hubs in the body
1. Sternum ends of clavicles
2. Waist the connection
3. Sacrum hip bones
The wheel
Must touch
The ground
Make a gesture
It is the hollow hand
That is useful
If I know
The applications
The fulcrum
Is most important
Then follows
Of the fulcrum
The single hub
Is the spinal cord
Getting intangible
From the Masters
Hub (head)
Is still
Wheel (body)
Feel like a wheel
On a cart
Time moving forward
The still is now
My hub
Will fill it
The 30 spokes
Are the 30 Masters
I am the hollow hub
The string
Is what makes
The bow useful
String = ideas
Pull the ideas
Out of the bow/body
Spirit is above
Earth is below
Man is in the middle (hub)
If empty
Will connect
Like the spokes
Of a wheel
If I am empty
I am a hub
All things
Can turn around
If empty
Of intent
The feeling
Empty gesture = hub energy
Empty as in a hub
Empty as in a room
Empty as in a cub
Empty is useful
An empty mouth
Speak enlightened words
Is the hub
China is shaped
Like the pelvis
Is the heart
With spokes
Makes the gestures
Is the empty heart
Empty heart (hub)
Is most important
The fulcrum
A hub!
Head of
Support femur joint
Is the hub
Of the wheel
To make use
Of my body
I must make use
Of Masters spirit
The hub
It is where the Masters enter
Once I am fully open
Tai Chi Chuan
Will not work
Being connected
To my center
A spring
Does not work
If there is no force
On it
Hollow to receive
From heaven/earth/China
Tai Chi Chuan opens
All the blockades
So Jing can flow
The waist
30 corrections lead
To the waist (hub)
Hollow hub
Knee is the hub
Hollow of intent
Is what makes the gestures?  
The hub
Tan tien
It is not
The posture
That is important
It is the moving
From one gesture
To the next
It is not me
Or my opponent
In push hands
It is the movement
Between us
30 spokes = wheel circle
Clay = vessel vertical
Walls = apartment horizontal
I occupy the space
Mind goes
Beyond the circle
Beyond the vertical
This is the circle
And the square
In Tai Chi Chuan
We make the physical
To control
Our surrounding
To be aware
Of the empty
That we call our own
30 bones/ sinews
On center of gravity/fulcrum
It is the fulcrum
That makes
The body useful
Clay vessel
Spirit pores in
From the opening on top
Fills from the bottom up
Do to gravity
In Tai Chi Chuan
Open space
Moving from one room
To next and back
Moving thru
The Tai Chi Chuan
Form routine
Each room is the same
Does not change
Door same
Does not change
But the time
Does change
I enter the room
Anew each time
I rehearse
Is the internal
In Tai Chi Chuan
Tai Chi Chuan Master
Does not think
About how a perfect
Circling technique
Or straightness
Of the skill
Master depends
On the direction
Of his spirit
Good shoe
Can’t feel them
Good belt
Unaware of waist
Good technique
Unaware of body
Is the knife aware of me?
Before I pick it up?
Once it’s in hand
Fill it with chi
It becomes alive
Like this pen
In my hand
I am less aware
Of the sword
Than the pen
Because of familiarity
It is not
The technique
That is important
Nor the connection
In the body energy
It is the receptive mind
Open heart  
That is most important
30 Years converge
Upon a single moment
Past and future
Is the present movement
That makes
The body useful
How I teach
The Tung system
Is more important
Than want I teach
I must have
The walls
To have a room
I have students
A subject
A teacher
To have a school
Most people practice
Tai Chi Chuan externally
Decorating the walls
Dressing well
Washing the windows
Oiling the door hinges
Master practices
Internally by keeping
The empty space
Filled with students
And his spirit
To teach
I must look
Outwardly at students
They must look inwardly
To understand the art
To make use
Of what is here
I must make use
Of what is not
Besides using
The pencil point
I must learn how
To use the eraser
30 spokes connect
To the hub
During the turn
½ yin
½ yang
The hub
Is the transformation
Tai Chi
Is the empty space
At point
Of contact
Nothing there
I am aware
Why this works?
Applications work
Like the hub
Change the thought/idea
To change the center
Is to change
The idea/thought
If an opponent
Has intent
Of changing
My center
He must first
Have his own
He can find mine
This is not there
Because he is looking
For his own
First under control
Find the center if
It is the hollow space
Fill the cup
Understand them
Is drinking from
The cup
So it does not
Over flow
Double weighted is
Thinking of 2 things
At same time
The pivot
To control
The opponent
Be a hub
He is toppled
By becoming
A spoke
In my wheel
Constant Jing
Is really
Constant awareness
Of new feelings
Thru out
Form practice
Every person
Has a door or window
To his hollow space
Just listen or observe
It will be revealed
Master is like
The hub
30 students
Connect to him
Tai Chi Chuan
Is the lubricant
Receives others
Like a cup
It is not up
To the Master
Who will spill out   
He cannot move
To fast
Some will splash out
To slow
They will evaporate
Always on their own
When pushing hands
With others have them
Come to me
Look at them
Thru their
Is there room
Filled with intent?
Wrist opens
All other joints
In body
This is the secret
To sword
10 toes 10 fingers
2 feet 2 hands
2 legs 2 arms
2 ears
30 body parts
Converge in heart
Heart being
The hub
The void
Can also be
The fulcrum
The pivot point
Point of contact
With opponent
Void intent
When an idea
Is formed
There is intent
All around
But the use
Of the idea
Will depend on
The part
Of the idea
Has no intent
So next idea
Can enter
Rises from
Whatever is not
Doing slow set
Emptying joints
Find the fulcrum
Work from there
Hollow is the
Empty joint
Solid is the bones
30 gesture converge
Upon a single idea
Bottom of the joint
Open by gravity  
Top of the joint
Open by spirit
Hollow space
Is the usefulness
I cannot put two things
In the same space
I cannot concentrate
On two things
At the same time
On emptying
The time/space
To make room
For the new
Idea or feeling
First define
The time/space
Hub/room etc.
Then it will fill
On its own
Master will assist
In Tai Chi Chuan
Is what makes
The art function
Hollow of intent
Makes it advanced
In push hands
Goal of Tai Chi Chuan
Being able to
Change the gesture
Is what makes
It work
I must hollow
Like the hub
Of a wheel
Hollow body
That is
Mind and energy
Of the wheel
I am a spoke
In Masters’ wheel
If I eliminate
The intent
Wheel will turn better
Has a gain
It is the insubstantial
The elusive
That makes
It worthwhile
Being pervious
Intangible being
That which
Is trying
To enter
New ideas
Thirty old feelings
Converge on me
My unfilled space
Go after
The opponent’s
He will reveal it
Thru his intent
30 branches
On a tree
By the roots
Hub must contact
Via spokes
Must contact
Via gestures
Connect spoke
To hub
Hub to wheel
Wheel to earth
Slow Set
Pivot/Tai Chi
It must be clear
Of obstructions
The unified
Tai Chi theory
Is like a hollow
The spokes
Are the ideas
30 days
Converge on me
I use them
To practice
The body
Is essential
It is the spirit
That makes
It alive