Wednesday, February 24, 2016


"WELCOME disgrace as a pleasant surprise.
Prize calamities as your own body."
Why should we "welcome disgrace as a pleasant
Because a lowly state is a boon:
Getting it is a pleasant surprise,
And so is losing it!
That is why we should "welcome disgrace as a pleasant
Why should we "prize calamities as our own body"?
Because our body is the very source of our calamities.
If we have no body, what calamities can we have?
Hence, only he who is willing to give his body for the
 sake of the world is fit to be entrusted with the world.
Only he who can do it with love is worthy of being the
 steward of the world.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen


I am up
I am down
Both can interrupt
My practice
Is always on
Edge of precedence
Just open
It will show
Master teaches
Thru favor/disgrace
I will experience favor
40 students
I instilled dedication
To the art
At the cost
Of advancing
My own art
No solo practice
Too busy
Disgrace by losing
All but a few students
In order
To advance myself
The test was would
I continue the art?
Always look
For the opposite
By using the fulcrum
Feel pure energy
Of the situation
Don’t look for good
Nor evil intent
Is a test
Is a test
Are tests
Tests are tests
Some people learn
Some people lean
Some people leave
Some people lie
Some people live longer
Few past the tests
A lowly state
Is a boon
Because I must use
My mind
To disaffirm it
It is like
A physical problem
Must practice Slow Set
To resolve it
Get down lower
So I have to work
To get up
Are two sides
To a scale
Honor or disaster test
My fulcrum
Constantly balancing
Is being tested
By the Masters
There is no
Favor or disgrace
In the past  
I am still alive
In the present
For whatever
I have done
In my life
Up to his point
Must be right because
I am still here
If I do something
In the present
It is a favor to me
But may be a disgrace
To another
If the other is
In disgrace
It may be really a favor
To him
In the future
Get down
So low/deep
Into gestures
That I fall
In love
With the art
Put heart
Into the art
Favor or disgrace
Avoid both
I avoid growth
Learn to invest
In loss
A student
Is wrong
If student makes
A sacrifice
On his own
Is right
Be willing
To teach
To be entrusted
With the art
Love to teach
Give body
For sake
Of the art
During progress
Be apprehension
As the distressing process
Undoing of self
Will takes place
Welcome weary
As good
Is being repaired
I have given myself
To the art
So I am entrusted
With teaching and
Writing about it
Others intent
Causes me to lose
My center
My apprehension
Centers be back
To give myself
For the art
I get the art
Health dictates
My practice time
Not sick
Is less practice
Sick more practice
While I looked at
Master Yang Chen-hou photo
Raised my hollow hands
And fill
My healing
If I am sitting down
Could be practicing
If I am lying down
Could be practicing
If I am doing something
I appreciate
Could be practicing
Why am I not practicing
Right now
Because I am writing
About practice
This is practice too
We remember
As well
As surprises
Highs/lows in life
This causes the pressure
Hence the wind
Of Ideas
Talent develops
When the Masters
Enter me
This can occur
From birth to death
Some just born with it
Others have
To be receptive
What allows receptive
Is honor/respect
Of the lineage
Practice/ teach
With heart
To be entrusted
With the art
To negate calamities
In partner practice
Gets dejected
They should treat it
Like a pleasant surprise
When shortly departs
Like a t-storm
They will feel better
Look forward
To periods of
Soon after
Great creation  
Must be worthy
To learn Tai Chi Chuan
Going thru many tests
To prove worthiness
Minor loss
Minor gain
Great loss
Great gain
Let force
Go to floor
Rooted more
Into the lore
Pain causes me
To pay attention
I told Master
I was down/sad
He said that is good
Something new will
Come now
Morning downers
Usually occur prior
To morning practice
New uplifting
Ideas appear
Opens me
To the situation
Pain, disgrace, calamities
Signs that the body
Is opening
Stretching open
Is allowing the energy
To entire body
Will sometimes
Cause problems
Problems are good
Signs that the energy
Is working
Readjusting energy
Treat ill feelings
As a satisfying
Because it is
A correction
By the Masters
Each time
A new idea
Is comprehended
A new universe
Is conceived
Ward off opinions
From others
Rollback dirty looks
Press passion
Push passivity
The far
The near
Have a point
Of origin
The fulcrum
Tai Chi Chuan
Is the chi between
Past and future
Pain, shame, mishaps
Signs body
Is opening
Going along
With the good feeling too
Sometimes problems
Problems are good
A sign that the energy
Is working
This is readjusting
The energy
Eat bitter
Lower states of mind
Causes creativity
Negates laziness
Giving my body
For the sake
Of the art
First be like a plant
Tall and straight
Water (Jing)
To the leaves (hands)
Some students
Get to a higher level
To soon
They turn distraught
If they don’t get there
Hence distraught
Lose it
No longer distraught
They understand
Master gets distraught
If they do not practice
What we value
What we fear
Within our self
Causes one
If obtained
Too soon
Be a shadow
To form
As an echo
To sound
Tai Chi Chuan is when
The world (nature)
Is the same
As the self
Dismay is being
Lead away
From the path
To realize
Thru favor (highs)
Disgrace (lows)
Become more sensitive
Upstarts seems
Like somebody
That is nobody
Without a love
For the art
I am only
A craftsman
Not an artist
I am doing what
I am suppose
To be doing
I would
Not be doing it
Getting a new feeling
Each day
Is never unfavorable
Only not
Getting the feeling
Causes the problems
It exercises
My mind
Same as physical problems
Make I exercise
The body
Body is the origin
Of our shortcomings
When receiving
New idea or feeling
Listen and follow
It may be the source
Of shortcomings
The feeling
Of a new idea
I don’t ever lose it
Because it is
Part of me
Whoever becomes
A teacher
Must go thru
Many test
Body and mind
Physical pain
Emotional pain
That are still here
Are the chosen ones
For now
Listen and hear
Ones that are drifting
Perhaps they are
Now practicing
Somebody seems like nobody”
“Nobody seems like somebody
        Master Tung Kai-ying
Doubt and fright
Cannot touch me
When first learning
Is learning
About myself
This is when
Hope and fear can
Affect me
After I know myself
Then forget myself
Follow others
The universe
Of self
During push hands
Exposes me
To others powers/thoughts
Teaching is a way
Of entering someone’s life!
Don’t think of myself
Let the world
Think thru me
Don’t depart from
Center pivot point
During form practice
Both mentally/physically
First know myself
Since I am part
Of the universe
Learning the universe
Love students
As myself  
Since students
Are the same as me
The more
I understand them
The more I will
Understand me
No one can
Take my virtue
Away from me
They can take my body
But not my virtue
If others see virtue  
They either try to copy it
They equate virtue
With success
Ego aside
Masters will join me
Then I can teach
Masters want
To continue practice
Thru me
So they can improve
The art
They will only joint
If I am virtuous
Investing in loss
From knowing myself
To knowing others
Never try to force
My knowledge
Of others on them
Only be an example
Let them
If someone ask
A question
Answer it
From the heart
Don’t give
The answer unless
They are open
If they ask the question
They are open
Learn to love
As I love myself
Fear is the same
Whether high ranking
Or in a lowly place
Fear comes only
If I don’t know myself
High rank
Act as a beginner
In the lowest rank
Act as a Master
Because the beginner
Defines the Master
After I know
My body
Doubt and fear
Cannot touch me
Not knowing
Is dysfunction
Stronger my body
Stronger my mind
Mind = body
A block joint
In body
A block
In my teaching
Have an open mind so
Have an open body
Open body
To open mind
Be apprehensive
When receiving
When giving
Concern seriously
All arguments/conflicts
They can affect
The body
Animal instincts
It is what causes
A state of apprehension
Use my feelers (senses)
To survive
High rank
Must be alert
State of alert
Mind and body
Become one
Confronting others
Understanding self-first
Then others
Of the loss of students
Should be a boom
Is causing me to
Go deeper
Into self
Praise students
As our body
Work harder
Look upon
Losing balance
As a favor
Reaching out
With mind and body
To keep balance
By reaching
Out to the Masters
Gain insight/strength
If favor or disgrace
Causes apprehension
Then I am listening
Apprehension heightens
The senses
The 6th sense
Only think
Of self
After realigning self
Then the Masters
Cannot reach me
Definition of love
Is having heart outside
Of chest
Where it is subject
To the environment
Tai Chi Chuan teaches
Always adjust
To environment
Heart will always
Be protected
Comes from
= love
Once aware
Of myself
Love myself
Then I can know others
Others are highly fluid
Difficult to adjust to
Like water
The secret
Avoid conflict
By just listening
Exposed heart
Like water
Can completely merge
If the other person is
Like ice
Warm water
Melts ice
Be a fulcrum
Correct listening
Tai Chi Chuan
Of calamities
In the body
Pain, humiliation, disgrace
Body is opening
Go along
With the good
Feelings appear too
Stretching open
Allowing the energy
To enter
The entire body
Repair will sometimes
Cause problems
Problems are good
Energy is working
Readjusting mine
And other’s energy
Seniority is started
When connected
To the Masters
Of the body
Great incentive
To practice Tai Chi Chuan
For some to quit
Few to continue
One to understand
The worthy
Tai Chi Kung
Causes centering
Know the students
What affects
Affects me
Test by the Masters
A test too
Be apprehensive
Of both
Don’t know now
But will later
Not the hub
Problem is
The bad spoke
From a strong
Center works
On the problem
If I let the problem
Be the center
Then the hub
Will not turn
Practice stops
Handle situations
From center
I will be entrusted
With bigger
Problems in the school
Perhaps the world or universe
Only if the answers
Come from the center
Only listen
To the center’s opinion
Master is passion
Know this
Connect to the lineage
To know the lineage
Is initiation
Into Tai Chi Chuan
A lowly state
Makes me humble
This is ward-off
Others will have difficulty
Pushing me over
This is why Master
Keeps telling us
To get down lower
More humble
Mind stretch
Body stretch
To let Masters in
Is a turning point
Point of self-evaluation
An urge
For the fulcrum
Use the fulcrum
(Center of gravity)
As a scale
To run life
Realize out
Of balance
When something
Out side
Or inside affects
For being a hero
Complete awareness
Point of concentration
Allows judging
Practice is like
Watering a plant
Water softens the soil
Plant roots
Move freely
Too much water
Plant will drown
No oxygen
Practice (water)
Rest (air gates).
Does a plant think
About last watering
Or next watering
Only if it is thirsty
Same with practice
Be aware
When body needs practice
Awareness is found
While on a fulcrum
Rollercoaster ride
Gravity during slow set
Will negate calamities
Not all are worthy
They quit
The secret
To the return
To youth
Surrender to it
Tai Chi Chuan
Return to youth
Encounters calamities
Finding the Dragon
Loving it
Riding a dragon
Searching high/low
For a dragon
Love the Tai Chi
To balance all
To right
A functioning
Tai Chi Chuan
Is a sign
Of a repair/epiphany
Lose face
To face
The situation
This is investing
In loss