Wednesday, February 24, 2016


WHEN the entire world recognizes beauty as beauty,
this in itself is ugliness.
When all the world recognizes good as good, this in
itself is evil.
Indeed, the hidden and the manifest give birth
to each other.
Difficult and easy complement each other.
Long and short exhibit each other.
High and low set measure to each other.
Voice and sound harmonize each other.
Back and front follow each other.
Therefore, the Sage manages his affairs without ado,
and spreads his teaching without talking.
He denies nothing to the teeming things.
He rears them, but lays no claim to them.
He does his work, but sets no store by it.
He accomplishes his task, but does not dwell upon it.
And yet it is just because he does not dwell on it
That nobody can ever take it away from him.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen


My fulcrum
Is to be found
In slow set
Always be
A fulcrum
Earth (gravity)
Heaven (spirit)
Share the same root
The fulcrum
No such thing as
Mine (ownership)
In nature
All Belongs
To nature
All we can do
Is balance it
Being a fulcrum
For a moment
But eventually it
All returns to nature
Nature is a fulcrum
I am part of nature
Stay in the center
Be a fulcrum
Add good
No room
For bad
Be a fulcrum
I don’t have
The Words
To express it
Lift it
Without ado
Remain the fulcrum
Masters keep me in balance
Must find the fulcrum
First thru
It is the Tai Chi
The fulcrum
To measure all
Do not dwell
On success
Stop dwelling
On the past/future
Practice now
Be a fulcrum
To know
Martial push hands
One must first know
Passive push hands
Once I understand
Tai Chi Chuan
Is passive
Marital intent
The ultimate self-defense
Is not being there
If I am hollow
And receptive
The seed
Can be planted
Watered inside me
Each other
Be a fulcrum
I am part
Of the lineage
I get the instruction
Without words
I will continue
If I don’t
Claim the credit
If I remain virtuous
And a fulcrum
Thru out the school
To student/teachers
Without speaking
Only if they are
To the lineage
Mind still
Body moves
Body moves
Mind still
I changes with change
Being a fulcrum
Do not have intent
To have apprehension
Do not have intent
To have the opposite
Be a fulcrum
I must find
The opposites
In everything
They balance
Each other
Because I am
The fulcrum
(Tai Chi)
Produce chi
Vital force
Balanced with
The ultimate pivot
Tai Chi Chuan
Being a fulcrum
By making
Others yang
It makes me yin
Just this thought
Gives me Jing/Chi
To pivot
When doing slow set
I am in constant
Of my chi
Once in total control
Then I can do
Push hands
With others
Having the fulcrum
Gives birth
To up
Find the
Fertility fulcrum
Be a fulcrum
Don’t dwell
On the past or future
Balance the present
Be a fulcrum
Too much into the past
Think of the future
Be a fulcrum
Realize it is taking place
In the present
This is the fulcrum
Tai Chi Chuan = fulcrum
I can show them
They can feel it in me
Student must find
Their own fulcrum
Once found
Only they
Can use it
Or lose it
Good and bad form
Complement each other
Find the fulcrum
Yes/no develop
Out of each other
Actions can only make
One thing high
At the expense of making
Something else low
Wordless teaching
Are corrected
Not disowned
Not control
Not lean upon
Not ejected
From fruition
of fruition
They achieve
Without attention
They are connect
To the Masters
Thru me
Note my ideas
They come from
The Masters
I am the conduit
For the Master’s
After I experienced
Something new
I relax
It will go away
But it will still be there
This leads to
Not relaxing in it
As an achievement
Don’t think about it
Just stay open
New things will appear
Work is done
But no one can see it
Makes the power
Of the laws of non-action
Non action means
Do not
Compare things
For everything
Is different
For everything
Is the same
Be a fulcrum
Rewards cause me
To think of the past
If I rest
In an accomplishment
There is no room
For new ideas
The work is done
But no one can see
Marked the power of
Not ceases to be
As soon as someone
Can see my attention
Is on the somebody
Who really is nobody
Don’t dwell
After the task
Is complete
Always balance
The results
Be a fulcrum
Practicing carries
On wordless teaching
Can only make
Things high
At the expense
Of making
Something else low
Doing one thing
Causes the other
I can only
Open my heart
Be a fulcrum
Response to what
The Masters what
Wordless instruction
Comes from
The lineage
I am part
Of the lineage
I get the instruction
Without words
I will continue
If I don’t
Claim the credit
If I remain virtuous
And a fulcrum
It is difficult
To understand
To open
To a new idea
If I have
Once open
Are solved with ease
Using heart
The fulcrum
What I what
In class
And out of class
Should be the same
What I feel outside
Should be the same
As what
I feel inside
Be a fulcrum
I must remain
The fulcrum
Listen to others
Knife makes me
Reach further
Adds weight
To the fulcrum
Stop moving my fulcrum
Just listen
The gesture
On the fulcrum
Is always moving
Not good
Not bad
Just different
Do not compare anything
Causes balance
To be off
Prior to finding
My fulcrum
Difficult to be unfair
Once I find
Center of Gravity
Then I can compare
Always look
For balance
Once I find
My fulcrum
Stay the same height
Be the fulcrum
High and low
Give birth
To each other
Exhibit each other
Measure each other
Harmonize each other
Follow each other
Be the fulcrum
When I see beauty
Seems ugly
We look for the ugly
In the beauty
Because we want
To enter ourselves
If our form
Is ugly
We see it as beautiful
It is not whether
Is beautiful or ugly
Is it right?
For the moment
To be high sometimes
Low sometimes
When practicing alone
But when in front
Of a group
I should remain
Same height
It is o.k.
To be emotional
High sometimes
Low sometimes
When I am not
In public
But remain centered
When in public
They will see a fulcrum
Never says
My form
Is beautiful
Nor ugly
He does see
The beauty
Tries to add to it
And undo the ugly
At the same time
He can do his from
In me from
Across the Room
He is the fulcrum
Of the art
Acting with effort
I practiced alone
I act
Not on my own ability
Masters act thru me
Be a fulcrum
Opposites in everything
They balance
Each other
Because I am
The Fulcrum (Tai Chi)
Produce chi
Vital force
Ultimate pivot
The fulcrum
By making
Others bad
Makes me good
Just this thought
Gives me chi
Power to pivot
What is to arise
Tails upon past
The hidden
Heart alignment
From me
For almost 20 years
Manifest is the application
Of the new idea
(Heart alignment)
Just getting the new idea
Is not enough
I must apply it
Opponent is always
Being difficult
Everything I do
Is wrong
At first
Instead of giving
I struggled back
To make a point
This is push hands  
We always recall
The ugly
When looking
At everything
Is beauty
To a cop or fireman
A good night
Is an evil night
They are the fulcrum
Look for the fulcrum
Difficult and easy
Long and short
Just saying it
Think it
Just listen
Be a fulcrum
Take no credit
Because if I do
It will throw
Me off balance
If I am hollow
Seed can be planted
Watered inside me
A fulcrum
Has no emotional
Has ballast
A fulcrum’s
Desire to
The heart
Is a hollow
To all