Wednesday, February 24, 2016



BY not exalting the talented you will cause the people
 to cease from rivalry and contention.
By not prizing goods hard to get, you will cause the
 people to cease from robbing and stealing.
By not displaying what is desirable, you will cause the
 people's hearts to remain undisturbed.
Therefore, the Sage's way of governing begins by
Emptying the heart of desires,
filling the belly with food,
weakening the ambitions,
toughening the bones.
In this way he will cause the people to remain without
knowledge and without desire, and prevent the
knowing ones from any ado.
Practice Non-Ado, and everything will be in order.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen

Not using
5 senses
Keeps the mind quiet
Makes me use
My 6th sense
Awakens the spirit
Calm breath
Means no intent
My soul
My spirit
Vacuous heart  
Stretch sinews
Fill belly
New ideas
Bend the bones  
Practicing undoing
My old self
What is non-ado?
Master tells me
What to do
If I do not do it
Perhaps that is what
He wants me to do
To not do it
He is testing me
To see if I am listening
And worthy
Many tests
By the Master
To test my
Bend a bow
It’s maximum
I will be sorry
Did not quit in time
If I never
Bend my bow
To the maximum
How do I know
Master knows
He will stop me in time
If I am listening
If the Master
Has to tell me
Then I am
Not listening
Master has
An order
Watches to see
If I follow
His unspoken
Be still
Think the opposites
To be a fulcrum
From waist up
Listen with heart
Listen to who I am
Alignment first
Is the secret
Transformation of others
Without causing
Desire or conflict
Master makes a statement
Does not cause conflict
But at the same times
Let’s him know
If the people responding
Are truly connected
How I should teach
I will align
With the teacher
Master and art
Does not praise
Because no one
Is good enough
Not even himself
Don’t lean forward
Gravity pulls down
Again "Don’t lean"
Leaning causes
Bigger muscles
Only allow me
To lean further
Bones hold me up
With the help of gravity
Practice without leaning
Stay plumb
Everything will be
Aligned with
I can discover
Thru their intention
By not giving
Them rules
Think it
Do not say it
Only the virtuous
Will hear
Make time/ space
For practice
Without interfering
With their families
And Work
By not stressing
Push hands/weapons
Who are meant
To stay
Will not wander
Empty practice
Of desire
Fill with a new idea
Weaken intent
Be apprehensive
Get down deeper
Gravity will assist
I cannot see either
But I know it’s there
When it is not
Weaken desire
By not doing
Push hands
Not prizing push hands
Worthy beginners
Will stay
Just work Slow Set
Does not exalt
Superior students
Nor does he
Ridicule poor students
He has them demonstrate
Let’s others come
To their own conclusions
Master has made
His own conclusion
Watches those watching
To see who understands
Cease desire
Back to slow set
on myself
Tone down ambitions
By doing slow set
Build bones
Not muscles
By doing slow set
Do not push yet
Only push after
I can take a push!
Hollow heart
Of intent
Drop my
Center of gravity
Stay in the moment
Look for
Find calmness
In my students
By aligning them
In form/spirit
Negate intent
Theirs and mine
Practice passivity
Hollow heart
Masters are in charge
Without action
Everything will be
in order
Done by keeping
Heart hollow
Unfathomable scale
Is the fulcrum
Tai chi point
Absolute calm
To listen
Egotistical wants
Contradicts my scale
To find
Tai Chi point
Forget the past
In the present
For the future
To arrive
How to teach
Advanced class
Undo the poor body
By adding
The right
Negate intent
Refute harm
Hollow my intent
Open my heart
Relax intent
Practice apprehension
Vacuous heart
In China
Means open
Empty = humility
Full = pride
The heart
Of cravings
Do not seek
The far
Don’t show off
Give them
Durable frames
Who have
Too much desire
Become thieves
Of other styles
Telling the students
Don’t think about it
Just do it
Body understands
It is the will
That takes time
To comprehend
Perfect form
Stretch further
Constant Jing
Constant corrections
Life is
A constant correction
Changing with change
Stretching beyond
Reason I don’t
See the stretching
In the Master’s form
Look beyond
Flesh and bone
Like the mother
Looking at her child
She sees/feels a lot more
Then just flesh and bone
Love the Master
As I would a child
I never promise
Students anything
Not elevating
The worthy
Master does not
Use the words
Senior student
Negate jealousies
By not praising
The talented
Students become troubled
Leads to rivalry
Same with organs
Inside body
Cravings are persistently
As are old injuries
And euphorbias
Calm hearts
Clearing thoughts
To open heart
Ambitions ease
To resign desires
No intent
With non-action
No force
Let application
Arise of itself
There is an evolution
In Tai Chi Chuan
My teacher must have it
As his teacher
My worthy student
Will get it
Don’t show favor
Don’t talk
About that which
They are not ready
Empty heart
Fill gut
Abate ambitions
Bend bones
Push hands
To soon
Is about trying
To get to know others
Before I know myself
How to teach
The art
Do not ridicule
The slow and weak
All are weak
In their own way
Do not pay
More attention
To the talented
Nor the weak
Treat all equal
Do not praise
The future
For the students
Will steal from
Present practice
Time and concentration
The present
I will have direction
Present is connecting
To the Masters’
I must have
A teacher
Who is connected
Before I can connect
The heart
Of longing
Fills the heart
With the Master
He has sustenance
For the heart
Entering thru my heart
Sinking down
To my belly
This is the heaviness
Abating ambition
To use the heaviness
Will cause the legs
To work harder
Toughen the bones
Be still
Keep complete
Just listen
Will control me
Instruction ascend
For the Master
Is in charge
Master teaches
Physical alignment
Of the body
Spiritual alignment
Is left up
To the worthy student
Poor demo
Is a secret
Yu Pei Shih
Is the goal
Master teaches
By example
If I am worthy