Wednesday, February 24, 2016



TAO is always nameless.
Small as it is in its Primal Simplicity,
It is inferior to nothing in the world.
If only a ruler could cling to it,
Everything will render homage to him.
Heaven and Earth will be harmonized
And send down sweet dew.
Peace and order will reign among the people
Without any command from above.

When once the Primal Simplicity diversified,
Different names appeared.
Are there not enough names now?

Is this not the time to stop?
To know when to stop is to preserve ourselves from
The Tao is to the world what a great river or an ocean
 is to the streams and brooks.

Translated by John C. H. Wu

Interpretation by Bill Bernsen


Tai Chi Chuan
Is to the body
What an artery
Is to a capillary
Thru Tai Chi Chuan
I can physically/mentally
Receive the Jing/Chi
Of the Masters
Tao is named
Thru me
If I am
Before sweet dew
Is tasted
One must
Taste bitter
To picture
Tai Chi Chuan
Those who can see
Master’s thoughts
Are uncommon
If I am thinking/talking
How can the Masters
Teach me
Be hollow/listen
Riding the Dragon
To synchronization
By the Masters
Worthy students
Will come
 Unworthy students
Will go
A natural selection
Is the secret
Is within me
Water knows
Itself well
Listens to
Its environment
Gravity spirit (evaporation)
Must listen to self
It is a feeling
If I say
Too much
I feel like
I get scolded
By the Masters
Realize that I am
The center of gravity
Of my environment
Eventually add
Centripetal/fugal force
Tai Chi Chuan
To the body
Is what center of gravity
Is to the wheel
Tai Chi Chuan
Is a fulcrum
Supported by
Its center of gravity
Tai Chi Chuan
Is to me
What the beach
Is to a gain of sand
When I practice
Tai Chi Chuan
For Master
Is he doing
The same
For me
To the spirit/gravity
The Masters
Will provide
Will be right (write)
Without attending
The Masters classes
To the art
All will be like
Reeling silk
Calm clear
Slow set
Tao is
All the laws of physics
Applied with spirit
To a gesture
There is something
Way beyond
What I am doing
To get there is
To undo all the
Wrong done
To me by myself
I am feeling
A cosmic conscious
Coming on
Cling to
The epiphany
Gestures always hidden
I must be in
The Tao
I am receiving
The ideas
To Masters
To understand
Love opponent
Adhere to him
During push hands
Cling to practice
It is the river
To the Tao (ocean)
Tao has no intent
Nor apprehension
It just is
The Masters
Are nameless
To the unworthy
The Master
To the student
Is what a trunk
Of a tree
Is to its leaves
Leaves feed
The trunk
With energy
As the roots
Give nutrition
To the leaves
If they do not continue
Tai Chi Chuan
They are not worthy
Tai Chi Chuan abides
Is a Chinese treasure
Whom can I trust with it
They will be my student
If the teacher
To the lineage
Worthy students will
Be draw in him  
Tao = projecting heart
Into whatever
Focused on
It is what
All the Masters
Of Tai Chi Chuan
Have in common
My art
Is the Tao
All beings
Are drawn to it
Tao is listening
To nature
This will direct
Cling to the lineage
Master will serve
Spirit and gravity  
Send down epiphanies

Masters’ spirit
And earth/China Jing/Chi
Are harmonized
Thru worthy students
Have I found
Inside me
The hub/heart
Between spirit and gravity
Which can only
Be known
Via the
Slow set
Push hands from
The hub/heart
Causes opponents
To become one
Of my gestures
Putting him in
An orbit
By my aura
Are nameless
To the student
Until connected
Only if worthy
To the lineage
Spirit and gravity
Sent new feelings
Have to ward off
In order
To discover self
And get strong enough
To  harmonizes
The above with  
Heaven/earth inside
I have been working
On the steams/rivers
Tai Chi Chuan is the lake
The Tao is the
Stop entertainment
Focus on practice
Live trouble free
To the end
Of the commercial
On the lineage
Ward off
Will be present
Is not distant
From a Tai Chi gesture
The reason the Masters
Can lead 1000 student
Is because he is
Kow towing (support)
To them

Top of sternum
Back lifting head back
Allowed the Master’s spirit
To enter my upper body
Master from above
Gravity form below
Merge at center
To make Tai Chi Chuan
Become more like
The Masters
Mastering the art
More the people
Will follow
Without a doubt
If I can keep
To the Masters
Students will
Naturally follow
When the gesture
Becomes spontaneous
Then I have it
When anything
I do spontaneously
I have
Tai Chi Chuan

Primordial simplicity
Is always there
In everything
It only appears
When named
Keep the form
As an uncarved block
It is the greatest thing
On earth
Possess Tai Chi Chuan slow set
Then the 10,000 ideas
Will arrive
New ideas
Are like
Sweet dew
From heaven
There must be
A messenger
For the Tao
It is Slow Set
.The worthy teacher
Can receive the names
Only he can pass them on
To his students
But few are listening
To the Tung School
Show anyone who
Walks thru the door
But only teach
Those who focus
On the art
If a teacher supports
The lineage faithfully
His students will
Learn the art
An infant starting
As an uncarved block
Others carve him
Into something that
He is not
How do you undo
What others have
Carved me into
Undoing implies
Taking away
But they have
Already taken
Where did it go
That which they carve why
Perhaps nothing really
Gets carved away
It only relocated
On the block
Cling to the Tao
Is the answer
What are warning signs
To harmonize
Mind and body
For the answer

Simplicity = elasticity
If there is anything inside
That is stopping me
From being totally elastic
Then it must be
Simply corrected  
Rest means
Being calm relax
Change with change
The Slow Set
Is to man
What the heart
Is to the veins/arteries
Masters and China
Thru me
Simply reestablish
Connection to earth
Are nameless if
Worthy and connected
Merging spirit and gravity
Thru Tai Chi Chuan
New ideas and feelings daily
Tai Chi Chuan is to man
That a mountain is to
A handful of dirt
What builds
The mountain
Tao is nameless
To the unfit
Slow Set
Tai Chi Chuan
Is unknown
To the unworthy
The worthy
Spirit and gravity
Masters and China
Thru slow set
Epiphanies appear
Physics of
Spirit and gravity
Thru Tai Chi Chuan
To evolve the art
Must undo that
This impedes
The present
Is nameless
If I name it
It becomes
The past
I will name
It fulcrum
the past /future
To lineage
Gives life
And longevity
With lineage
Spirit and gravity
Masters and China
Are harmonized
At the waist
The fulcrum