Wednesday, February 24, 2016



THE Great Tao is universal like a flood.
How can it be turned to the right or to the left?
All creatures depend on it,
And it denies nothing to anyone.
It does its work,
But it makes no claims for itself.
It clothes and feeds all,
But it does not lord it over them:
Thus, it may be called "the Little."
All things return to it as to their home,
But it does not lord it over them:
Thus, it may be called "the Great."
It is just because it does not wish to be great
That its greatness is fully realized.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen

Tao Te Ching
Is written
With an automatic writing
Must not contemplate
Receiving words
Just record   
Comprehend later
Is this great Art
Passed on
To Americans
To learn
Because we are
Enough time/space
To study it
It is an art
For a place/time
To be
Open to it
It will give all
Expect nothing
In return
Except my
To express it
Many refuse
To give up their
Mind /body
To anything
Some attempt
To change the art
In order
To control it
Doing this is like trying
To stop a torrent
This poem
Describes Jing
Must be worthy
To get it
It is so
This is the test
Must use it
To heal rather
Than harm anyone
After many years
Of building
Passing many tests
The worthy
Will get it
Must not try
To use it
Let the Masters
Work thru me
They control it
All I am
Is a vehicle for
Tai Chi Chuan
Now that I have
Experienced it
Forget it
Just work
On keeping
Body/mind open
Me being an ex-cop
Cops being very Chinese
In their approach to life
Perhaps this is the reason
I understand the Tao Te Ching
And Tai Chi Chuan
So well
Those things
That is parched (open)
Will receive
More moisture
Than those who
Are soaked
It is like a dry towel
Takes water slower
A moist towel absorbs
Very quickly
But not as much water
So by doing
Slow set
Until I get
A new idea (moisture)
Then do fast set to
Absorb quicker
This is how
To learn faster
Masters are like
A great flood
How can they
Be controlled
With just one drop
Of sweat
Being under
The direction
Of the Masters
Must go
With the flow
Or else died
(Lose interest in the art)
Masters take
Care of me
Them always
Teach them
To find themselves
But not to lord
Over them
They will become
Masters will give
To care for
And protect their
They will not
Lord over
Tai Chi Chuan form
Is like a river
Cannot change it or
Conform it to my body
Just swim in it
All the students
On the Master
He refutes
Some students
Are not worthy
Tai Chi Chuan
Is like water
All gesture
Depends on it
How can I alter
The route
Have arranged
For me
Do not demand
To be good
Is like a flood
Cannot stop it
If stopped
Confusion/ depressed
Set in
Does longing
To be great
Make any sense
The Masters
Are like a flood
If I am worthy/connected
I will swim
And not drown
Still have free will!
Free will is when
I am not paying attention
To the Masters
Drifting away
Must learn to
Give up free will
Let the Tao (Masters)
Guide me all the time
This is all within
Gravity = Tao past, yin
Spirit = Tao future, yang
Two together = present
Masters do not
Lord over me
They monitor me
Tai Chi Chuan
Let it flow
Like water
It is a flood
Flood of ideas
If a heart
Is light/open
It will float
It will sink
1st be heavy/closed
2nd be light/open
Tao = Sprit/Gravity
Flood body
With earth’s energy
And Tao
Be empty
To fill
With the Tao
Masters = Tao
Once connected
To the Masters
They are like
A great flood
Cannot control them
They deny nothing
To my body
Keep them to self
Until they decide
To reach out
To my students or opponent
Must connect
To the earth/universe
This is the art
Masters support
All worthy student
To find
Their own
With Slow Set
Jing/chi flows
In every direction
Body is nourished
By it
Merge with my
The Masters
Negate great
To be great
Flood of spirit/gravity
Tai Chi Chuan
Be like water
To merge
With other’s water
There must be
A river of chi
Freely flowing
In both directions
Top to bottom
And vice versa
Injuries and illness
Both physical/mental
Will block the flow
Tai Chi Chuan opens
All the blockages
Takes years
Tai Chi Chuan
Is like flooding water
Tai Chi Chuan Jing
Is like a flood
At first uncontrolled
How can I have
Control over it
All gestures
Depend on it
The great Tao
Flows everywhere
The myriad things (gesture)
Derive their applications
From it
When its works
A new feeling
The task
Of achievement
Practice with
An insensible ease
When doing
Tai Chi Chuan
Do not use
Others energy
Unless I have
Tai Chi Chuan
Is the Mother
Doing slow set
And teaching
It is universal
It can’t be turned
To something else
Everything cell
In the body
Is sustained
By the Tai Chi Chuan  
All is nourished
By slow set  
To the slow set
Tai Chi Chuan
Slow Set
Cannot be altered
By even the Masters
It is nature
And only nature
Can alter environment
I must drift
In the sea
Of the lineage
Like a wave
It has no choice
It is lead from pressure
Of the past
And is always
Going forward
The ocean
Owes its power
To the moon
The Moon
Represents the spirit
Of the Tai Chi Chuan
Ocean its gravity
I must not sink
To the bottom
Nor rest on land
But always remain afloat
As a lifejacket
For the lineage
Even the Tao
Must know
Its self-first
Know others
Has a desire
To know
Themselves better
He who knows
He becomes
Great in the eyes
Of others for he has
What they want
Knowledge of himself
If I claim credit
For a good student
Then I must also claim
The poor students
So claim neither
Tai Chi Chuan
Is like a ship at sea
Looking for the needle
At the bottom of the sea
To the energy
Of the situation
Like sea
Listens to the wisdom
Of the wind
Every student
Has the above ability
But the unworthy
Don’t realize it
They just do not
Have a 6th sense
If I do not wish
To do a great demo
Then a calm greatness
Is fully realized
The idea
Of spirit/gravity
Blocked by ego
The way
Only if connected
Then return
To immortality
Tai Chi Chuan
Lineage is humble
To the worthy
Masters master
Once connected
To undeserving
Tai Chi Chuan