Wednesday, February 24, 2016



WHAT is in the end to be shrunken,
Begins by being first stretched out.
What is in the end to be weakened,
Begins by being first made strong.
What is in the end to be thrown down,
Begins by being first set on high.
What is in the end to be despoiled,
Begins by being first richly endowed.
Herein is the subtle wisdom of life:
The soft and weak overcomes the hard and strong.
Just as the fish must not leave the deeps,
So the ruler must not display his weapons.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen


Is the elusive
Insight of life
Does not display
His elasticity
He can definitely
See it
In others
Patiently waiting
For student
To see it in him
Means having
The supremacy
Of returning
To its original form
Pouncing back
To childhood
With the wisdom
Of an adult
And elasticity
Between the two limits
Stretch sinews
To shorten moves
Opponent’s ego
His attention  
Think opponent
To get center of gravity
Under his center
Give him
Top heavy Chi
Then control it
Is Push Hands
The circle
With a hidden center
A ball, orange, a person
Is 3rd dimension
4th dimension is seeing
The person’s center
Using my 6th sense
The master
Must not
Demonstrate Fa Jing
Feel Master’s
Slow set
Separating water
Using centripetal force
Must empty or fill
At point of contact
Filling mean
With water (chi)
Makes for buoyance
Opponent presses
On me
It feels like pressing
On a boat
In the water
If he attacks
It is like punching
A tub of water
When the water
Drains down
It is like going
Into a drain
Counter clock wise
The sinews
And opening joints
Must have elastic
Awareness first
Is keeping my
Center of gravity
Away from the opponent
Mind and touch
Remain a fulcrum
Don’t argue
About right or wrong
Better or worse
Over comes
Mind evil spirit
Do not display
It is a weapon
That will be
Used against me
Feel connection
It is elasticity
Center of gravity
Always under gestures
Anything other
Is leaning/misaligned
On an axle
Extreme stretching
Can be done
Once found
Elastic band inside
Pile stance is stilling
The motion
Is the stretching inside
To have apprehension
First have resolve
Apprehension = gravity
Resolve = spirit
Do not show either
When confronting
An opponent
To find Jing
In a rubber band
Just stretch it first
I have stretched
Now sink
I have reached
Now gather
I have had resolve
Now apprehension
Stretch first
To sink
Open first
To close
Want to reach
The Masters
Must first stretch out
To them
Once reached
Then let them sink
Thru me down
To the earth
Tai Chi Chuan
Student does not
Leave gravity
And is high-spirited
What is to be closed
Must first be open
What is to be soft
Is first to be strong
Must first be low
What is to get it
First be accepted
What is to be pressed
Must first be gathered
Want to stretch
First root
To get Jing
First have
Clear/controllable chi
Once gotten
Hide it
Open wide
To focus narrow
Learn open
To understand close
And vice versa
To have
A strong heart
First soften thorax
So the heart
Can move outside
The chest
When the heart
Is exposed
Use caution
As to what say/do
Until I can protect
The heart
With the martial
Aspect of Tai Chi Chuan
Cannot have
Tai Chi Chuan
Unless heart is
Exposed and
Cannot expose
Heart unless virtuous
Protect it
With tai chi Chuan
1st Open
Then close
1st straighten
Then bend
1st strong
Then soft
1st stiff then
1st sink
To earth
Then rise to heaven
Masters inside!
Bow to bow
What is ultimately
To be stretched
Must first
Be depressed
Give up
To gravity
To gravity
To give up
To gravity
First be spiritually
The heart
Stretch open
Via wrists
To Masters
To connect
Once connected
They will come to me
Sink to earth
To connect
Once connected
Earth’s energy
Will come to me
Lift the art
And my life
Do not leave
The deep
Rooted gestures
Flowing gestures
To stretch out
With heart
Must root deep
In the art
To achieve
First be anchored
What is to change
Must first be relaxed
What is ward-off
Must first be structured
To understand
What is to listen
Is first
Kowtowed to  
What is to
Be kowtowed to  
Is first listen to  
This is the secret circle
Avoid conflict
The secret
To Tai Chi Chuan
Alignment first
With body/mind
Subtle insight
Elasticity…to the extreme
Tai Chi Chuan
Is the ability
To change with change
If not rooted
Not open reaching
Not elastic
Have no control
Of center of gravity
With the changing
But don’t let
My center
 Be controlled
The farther away
From Master
The better off
In that
I will not
Turn to him
To regain balance
Find it myself  
Apprehension (plumb)
From present
To past (rooted)
The secret
Is to get stronger
When pushed
Apply principals
Of Tai Chi Chuan
Accept it
To my roots
The center of gravity
Is where
And water meets
It is the fulcrum
Legs must support
Center of gravity
Mind controls it
Only it is free
To follow mind
It cannot be free
If it thinks it is
Going to fall

All the gestures
Are connected
To the center of gravity
Making the center feel
Like an anchor
To the end of
An elastic band
Center of gravity
Control the eight
When going
Into a posture
To demonstrate
Or do push hands
Drop center of Gravity
Into support leg
Then become elastic
Felt like
An elastic band
Being anchored
At one end (apprehension)
Being pulled (resolve)
At the other end
Feel the fulcrum
Of the intent/apprehension
This is the Tai Chi
Spirit/mind first
Then body
Do not display
Always receive
Thru mind intent
Comes the wisdom
Of neither
Neither loss
Nor gain
Thereby benefiting
My transformational journey
Of attaining the subtle
Spirit of vitality
Capture opponent’s Jing
With my 6th sense
By not wanting
There is calm
Do not try to avoid
An attack
By opponent externally
Be calm
Avoid the attack internally
Mind leads
Body follows
Encounter opponent
Become bow
With spirit/gravity
At first
Do push hands only
With people I like
Results in calmness
Twist forearm
Like a towel
Energy in both hands
Results in power
In ordinary life
Self is self
Other is other
In push hands
They are the same
To contain
Let it expand
To weaken something
Let it grow strong
To eliminate something
Slow it to flourish
To take something away
Deliberately grant it
This is called subtle
Lose the way
Have virtue
Lose virtue
Have humanity
Lose humanity
Have duty
Lose duty = courtesy
Lose courtesy = disarray begins
Disarray in life
Will cause more courteous
This leads to duly
The way
Produces one
Produces two
Produces three
Three produces 10,000
Be more
First be relaxed/open
Then stretched
To discharge
Fill opponent
With my energy
Then when I move
He moves
Dim own ego
Then hear others
.Stoop to conquer
Invest in loss
Go deeper
Into the coil
Don’t leave
The coil feeling
Like a fish
Should not
Leave the deep
To conquer
Retain reversion
A state of original
Do not muddle
Mind with
Other’s ideas
To play stupid
Is to take the advantage
To be stupid
Is to be taken advantage of
Masters will reduce
To reduce the unworthy
Prior to expanding
Students leave
For one of
Two reasons
The unworthy
Don’t understand
The worthy
Do understand
But lack loyalty
Give the opponent
My energy
If he has virtue
Let him keep it
If not worthy
Will not get it
Tai Chi Chuan
Is never displayed
Because no one
Can demonstrate it
Chi beyond
My body
Should never
Be displayed
Continuously to
Be virtuous
Practice taken from
Slow Set working deeply
Brought into shallow
Push hands/weapons
Can easily end
Interest in the art
To get
A deep understanding
Of something
One must rise
Above the crowd
To see where he is
Then go back down
To get deeper
The worthy

For every
There must be
A reaction
The energy
Is stored
In the foundation
Is the opening
Of the body
So the energy
Can move
Softness = freedom of movement
Using force or power
Without connecting first
To the source
Is equal
To a draining
Of the energy
Relax = soft
Open = stretch = compact
Before it can
Be shrunken or stretched out
It must be relaxed
Before relaxed
Be strong enough
To gather (close)
First expand (open)
To be softened (loose)
First have
A strong foundation (legs)
Soft middle
Must be
At both ends
Concentrate mind anchor
Legs anchor
Don’t put mind
Too far from center
To soon
Results in a fall
Remain elastic
In spirit/body
Extent to far
Start to fall
Remain calm
Spring back
To be hollow
Then be filled
Leave the Jing/Chi
In foundation
Do not display
Gentle Tai Chi Chuan
Slow Set body
Becomes a coil spring
Open all joints
By relax/open/stretch
Don’t demo
The secret
To epiphanies
Is elasticity
To find
The future
Must anchor
In the past
This is elasticity