Wednesday, February 24, 2016



TAO gave birth to One,
One gave birth to Two,
Two gave birth to Three,
Three gave birth to all the myriad things.
All the myriad things carry the Yin on their backs and
 hold the Yang in their embrace,
Deriving their vital harmony from the proper blending
 of the two vital Breaths.
What is more loathed by men than to be "helpless,"
 "little," and "worthless"?
And yet these are the very names the princes and barons
 call themselves.
Truly, one may gain by losing;
And one may lose by gaining.
What another has taught let me repeat:
"A man of violence will come to a violent end."
Whoever said this can be my teacher and my father.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen


Tao gave birth
To Tai Chi Chuan
Tai Chi Chuan gave birth
To Yin/Yang
Yin/Yang defined
Tai Chi/ Fulcrum/pivot
The opponent
Is my teacher
Get a new idea
Share that idea
With another
Others shares it
To all
  Art continues
One student
To two students
To three students
To 10,000 students
Yin in their heart
Hug with yang
In their back
It comes from
The Masters
Sometimes too little
More practice
Sometimes too much
Must know to stop
Sometimes to late
Sometimes to early
A hint
To fully arrive
At a posture
Align upper
Lower body
Like a wheel aligned
On a hub
(Center of gravity)
Body (steel)
Is yang
Gestures (silk)
Are yin
Steel wrapped
In silk
Stainless steel
Embrace by silk
I am the yin
Masters are Yang
Reason for receptive
In one correction
Will lead
To another
Then the entire form
10,000 forms
Are the teachers
Are the Masters
Tai Chi Chuan
Is the fulcrum
Is malevolent
Just focusing
On Push Hands
Will lead to
Warding off
The art
One idea
Masters has idea
Two ideas
Masters share it with me
Three ideas
I share it with others
10,000 ideas
To two
To infinity
Stay with the one (TAO)
Two will instinctively appear
10,000 are always here
One idea
To two ideas (yin/yang)
To 3rd the return
To fulcrum
Get an idea (one)
Give it to another (two)
New idea (three)
1+2 = 3
Head reaches up
To the future
Hands hold
To the now
Feet root
To the past
Three = infinity
One new idea
In slow set
Same idea
Into Kai He style
10,000 Tung style
Gives birth
To new ideas
New ideas result in
Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang mate
To create
This is everything
In the universe
Must find
To proceed
To the new
Masters = no-beings
To the unworthy
Who give birth
To new ideas
Simple the
Pervious idea
Masters give birth
To oneness
Man feels
Gravity (earth/China)
And spirit (Masters)
Combined = oneness
10,000 ideas
First One Chi
Head to toe
Then hollow
Then Yin/Yang
Then Tai Chi Chuan
Then one Jing/Chi
Toe to head
Hollow leg
Gives birth
To infinite gestures
First one
Then two
Then 10,000
First self
Then others
Then 10,000
Things are how
They are
The Masters
Wants them
That way
They have always
Been within me too
If a person
Is suppose
To find Tai Chi Chuan
They will
If worthy
Yin and yang
Of idea
Results in
New ideas
Less intent
As a martial artist
More at being one
With environment
Thunder storms
Don’t last all day
Nor does an epiphany
During practice
Don’t always ponder
The thunder storm
Feel the sun
See the moon
Walk the earth
Forever and a day
Small loss
Small gain
Great loss
Great gain
Masters give birth
To the new feelings/ideas
Study the yin/yang
Of the feeling/idea
Tao gives birth
To one heart
This grows
Merges with
A second heart
Then two hearts together
Create all
In the universe
Relax GV14
So yang can flow  
GV 14
Is yang’s
Give birth
To new ideas
Only if
To the worthy
Yin gesture
To Yang body
To Tai Chi Chuan
To 10,000 applications
Masters heaven
Give birth
To one idea
Add the two
Because me and Masters
Are one and two
Which = 3
One is Masters
Two bodies
Three mind = infinity

How the Masters teach
Give me one idea
Listen which makes
It two ideas
1 + 2 = 3 to infinity
Spirit lifting up
Gravity pulling down
By being aligned
Perfect alignment means
Upper body
Is calm/relax/loose
So it can stretch open
To spirit/gravity
Give me
One new idea
That idea gives
Me two
Then to push hands
Gives me 10,000
Nose is one
Navel is one
Elbows is two
Knee is two
Pivot points
Masters give me
One feeling
I always apply
A dot of the opposite
To understand it = two
Apply it = 3
This produces 10,000
One fulcrum
Is aware of
Two weights
This can pivot
To 10,000
One idea
Brings two
Two ideas
Bring creativity
Masters’ spirit one
Plus my spirit two
One and two create all
Change with Change
Yin squatting
Sending Yang
To gestures
One idea
+ 2 ideas
= 3.14 Pi
Infinite circle
Of ideas
Give Jing/Chi
Jing/Chi is
The oneness
With all
It is the Tao
Masters makes
One correction
This leads “two” me
Then understanding
And more practice
The oneness
Is the idea
One pulling
Two pressing
Three calling 10,000
One new idea
Then two
Good and bad
Then fulcrum
Of ambivalence of
The reason
For the depression
Prior to new
Losing goes thru
The 5 stages of grief
Gaining new idea
Once understood
Goes away
But still be there
Wu Chi
Then Tai Chi
Gain via yin
Lose via yang
Spirit up
To open
Positive gain
Gravity down
To open
Lose negative stuff
All carry Yin
On one side
And Yang
On other side
Balance with heart
Secret fulcrum
If there is intent
There must be
Depression do
To loss of old self
It will lead
To a gain
New feeling/self
Masters give one idea
Understand it
Leads me
To next idea
Then infinity
The way
Produces one
One produces two
Two produces three
Three produces 10,000
One is my idea
Two is other’s idea
Three is the first two
Plus the new idea which
Lead to 10,000
First one
Then two
Then 10,000
First yourself
Then others
Then everyone
Things are how
They are
Masters wants them
That way
Me too
If I am connected
If a person
Is suppose
To find Tai Chi Chuan
They will
It is not for everyone
Feel the fulcrum
Of the mind
The point at which
I can go
Either way
With a thought
The fulcrum
Is the listening
Harmony of both
Press /pull
Sun moon light/shade
Is Tai Chi Chuan

Yin is the
Precursor of yang
Yang is the antecedent
Of yin
First feel it
To recognize
Once felt
Then I know
What it is like
Not to feel it
The one and two
Give birth
To the new idea
This starts
All over again
10,000 times
Learn to control
Information coming in
Once it starts
If open
Then it will
In faster
Stretch my back
To surround/embrace
The heart
The heart is open
To the object
Of my thoughts
The form produced
One chi in the body
Separate at the waist
Yin and yang
Start with ward off
One chi
In a state
Of ward off
Joints open
Use waist joint
Yin retreat
Yang advance
Always be in ward off
State of mind
Mind controls body
Then if I retreat
I think the ward off
Or advance
I think ward off
Ward off is like
The breath
In that it is constant
Always in balance
If the body needs
More air it will
Ask for it
Breath = ward off
In that it is
Always constant
Question force
With apprehension
No answer is given
Doing nil
With a persistence
Chi = breath
Inhale outside chi
To understand it
I don’t think
About breathing
In and out
It will change naturally
Tao gave birth
To the one idea
I think of the opposite
= Two, yin and yang
Is infinity  
The student cannot
Turn their back
To their opponent
Without having
The Master
In their heart
The plus sign
Is added
The equal sign
Is the Tai Chi fulcrum
One idea
+ One idea
+ New idea
2 pervious ideas
Tai Chi Chuan
Is the chi
Of teaming parts
Of the body
Once it is whole
It turns into Jing
Even when it is whole
It still has two sides
Sun on front
Shadow on back
Cannot see the
Sun or shadow
On the inside
Of things
Can feel
The heat or cold
If something on
Inside feels cold
Turn it to the heat
And vice versa
Being warm
Hearted and cool temper
Is just right
Master gave birth
To one application
One gave birth
To two
Two gave birth to three
Three to 10,000 applications
Carry yang
On my back
Embrace yin
In the heart
Spirit + Gravity
= Tai Chi Chuan
Then up
Then down
Find the fulcrum
To control up/down
The fulcrum
Is Tai Chi Chuan
Giving birth
Must find
One idea
One idea
= new idea
The 3rd idea
Yin on my chest
My heart is a fulcrum
Yang on my Tigerback
The dynamic breaths
Are Spirit/gravity
Merge the two/too
Entire body
Tai Chi Chuan
Is passive
It is not self-defense
Tai Chi Chuan
Is the merging
Of advancing/retreating
Of projecting/gathering
It is the fulcrum
Weighting obsoletes
Equilibrium in all endeavors
The thought into
The hand gesture
Is the fulcrum
Always the same
As it changes with changes
Is the Tai Chi/fulcrum
Able to weigh
Yin and Yang
Slow set
Searching for
No fulcrum/Tai Chi
Results in expiry
The discipline
Cannot see
The fulcrum
Of the balancing
Eagle toy
Pivot point
Of the Yin/Yang ball
Of the coil spring
Being one
With Master
Makes for two
Three is where
I am directed
Yin in breast/heart
Yang in hand/gesture
Yin embraces
New yang ideas
Lineage gives
Birth to infinite
Practice makes
Them epiphanies
Use worthy students
Evolve the art
Tao is an
Causes defeat
Be one with spirit
Be two with gravity
Be three with Tai Chi Chuan
Infinite applications
One epiphany
Begets two
Two to perpetuity
Push hands
Partner practice
Dui Lian
In loss
Tai Chi Fulcrum
Is pure synchronization
Producing preparation
Tai Chi Chuan
Is the unification
Of spirit & gravity
The two most powerful
Things in the universe
One correction
Leads to
Two new students
To a school
In push hands
Always connected
A warrior
The past and future
Gain by retreating
To root
With Jing/Chi
To control/listen
Circle back to gain
Or Fa Jing
The fulcrum
This creates
This creates
Second notion
1 +2 = epiphany
To fulcrum
To gesture
To Tai Chi Chuan
Must be yin
To merge
With yang
Give birth
To new
Loss or gain
Always applies