Wednesday, February 24, 2016



As for your name and your body, which is the dearer?
As for your body and your wealth, which is the
 more to be prized?
As for gain and loss, which is the more painful?
Thus, an excessive love for anything will cost you dear
 in the end.
The storing up of too much goods will entail a heavy
To know when you have enough is to be immune from
To know when to stop is to be preserved from perils.
Only thus can you endure long.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen

Constant apprehension
Will negate
The attitude
Of a fool
Serenity = fulcrum
Contentment = not disgrace
Never shamed
Freedom to change
Not despoiled
To know
Not to move
Support leg
Is to preserve form  
Immune system
Not only physical
Also mental and emotional
To continue
Is to be connected
One must
Know when to stop
By listening
Being frugal
With energy
Find the fulcrum
To judge everything
Wealth and fame
Will make
The body weary
The extreme
Body first
Then belongings
Do just enough
So the Master
Can see where
I am at in the art
Listen to needs
Masters will tell
When to stop
Will know
When to stop
Negate entertainment
Enough entertainment
Stop it!
To self-first
To body first
To foundation first
Enough = freedom
Shrewd is sufficient
Is self-determination
To stay
Is protection
Be conservative

Again getting urge
To write book
Like Tao Te ching
Is written
Have not been
Doing enough
Fame is like a bee
It has a song
It has a sting
It has a wing
Emily Dickinson 19 century poet
To know when
To stay is protection
Practice to stop
For fame or health
For health or wealth
For winning or losing old self
My current
Riding the Dragon
I did not know
When to stop
So the Masters
Stopped me
Via hernia and Lyme disease
This slowed me down
Don’t know when
Enough is enough
When to stop
If connected
The Masters will tell
They know when I am
Do for a loss or gain

Which is dearer?
My house or my health
Quietist student is said
To sit motionless
Silent at the sacrifice
Waiting for the spirit
Of the Masters
To descend
Tai Chi Chuan begins
Raise arms
Open heart
So the Masters enter
During slow set
Wandering thru the ages
Of practice
By the Masters
The Master senses
With every part
Of him right down
To the KD#1
In Tai Chi Chuan
Is the opening and closing
Of the cells
In the body
Producing friction/energy
Breathing be like
An infant
Baby does not think
About this breath
They just breathe
Womb breathing
Inside the womb
Of the universe

Small loss
Small gain
Great loss
Great gain
Same with energy
In fame
Gain too much energy
Must give it back
For balance
Perceive what is sufficient
Becomes a choice
Practice this and endure
To endure
be connected
To the Masters
Stop is sustaining long
Knowing what is enough
Heart felt
Self is more important
Than material things
Feeling/thoughts are
More important
Than the distraction
Open hip joints more
For stability
Shoulders opened more
If   truly open Masters
Will adjust my posture
And my life  
The Confucius 9 test
The tenth test is understood
Me first!
Follow all senior students
Master follows the lineage too
He never tries to push
Let nothing come
Into opposition
With the significance of
Slow set

To know
When to standstill
Is to be moving
In Tai Chi Chuan
Student satisfied
Has virtue
Can do push hands
Has self-control
Follows and listens
Is never up rooted
When entering
A class
Follows its rules
When entering
A state of mind
Follow the principles
Make it perfect
Perfection = contentment.
Which is more important?
What happens
To my opponent
Or to me
Resentment is like
A very serious injury
It can affect progress
Energy is like water
Same amount in universe
Only location changes
Getting to know others
It shows
In their clothes
And their abodes
Know what
Is sufficient
Is liberty
I get at least
One or two
New ideas each day
Can I take more?.
Am I practicing them enough?
What and how
I handle them (ideas).
Am I only to get them
Write them down
Never truly understand them
Just record it all
Working with Student/teacher
Makes me learn
Twice as fast
Gain new self
Loss old self
Which more powerful
Storing up
Of the many forms
Prior to understanding
Slow set will entail
A heavy loss of students
No intent
Can be peaceful
The eyes and hands
Are always moving
Sit on hands
Look inward
Return to root
To get stronger
Extreme love
Of the root
Will flower
New ideas
If a student or opponent
Goes to places unknown
Be apprehensive
Return to roots
With elasticity
Follow them
Elastic listening
Health over hedonism
Family or fame
Gain from past
Loss of future
Gaining injury/illness
Losing practice time
Tai Chi
The art
And endure
Mercy; listen
Know when
To stop
Not first and follow
Mix and match
Tao Te Ching
A Chinese secret
To the Tao
Same is true
of Tai Chi Chuan
Gesture and applications
Is more important
Than that it is supporting
Use the fulcrum
To weight loss/gain
Know fulcrum’s limit
More important
Than demos
To endure
Don’t’ enjoy
Too much
Weigh all
With Tai Chi
Listen to
The true Master
By mastering