Wednesday, February 24, 2016



THE Sage has no interests of his own,
But takes the interests of the people as his own.
He is kind to the kind;
He is also kind to the unkind:
For Virtue is kind.
He is faithful to the faithful;
He is also faithful to the unfaithful:
For Virtue is faithful.
In the midst of the world, the Sage is shy and
For the sake of the world he keeps his heart in its
 nebulous state.
All the people strain their ears and eyes:
The Sage only smiles like an amused infant.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen


Forget self
Follow others
Reaching a state
Of Tai Chi Chuan
This is Master
He can
Change with change   
Is good
To the good
Good (in his mind)
To the bad
Not good
It takes time/space/energy
Be good
Live in harmony
With the Masters
Who are living
In harmony
With the Tao
If I can constantly
Repeat a musical tune
In my head
Why not a
Tai Chi Chuan gestures
This is what Grandmaster Tung
Was talking about when
He mentioned music
And Tai Chi Chuan
In push hands  
Follow others
Solo practice
Is for thinking
Of self
And listening to
And following Masters
Perhaps the reason
I forget
That which
I have
Just learned
Is that I learned it
For others
And not Master
Care about students
As a doctor would
They are patients
So to have patients
Must be patient
Do not judge others
Only the Masters
Can judge
Can listen
For intent
Think it
Do not say it!
Negate fame
Master has no
Set mind
He changes with change
Only after I get
To know myself
I can have concerns
About others
Kow Tow
To others
To get under
Their center of gravity
Support/control them
My personality
Growing up
Was that of trusting all
Focusing on others
Did the Masters
Notice this in me
Be a fulcrum
Tai Chi Chuan
Is a fulcrum
Know myself first
Then apply
Tao Te Ching #49  
Must be aware
Of my own Jing/Chi
All the time
Forget myself
Follow others
By listening
For the art
Forget self
Follow Masters/nature
The Tao
When Masters
Merge with me
Simple and kind
With apprehension
The students
Seek the future
The Master
Only smiles
Like an amused infant
Soft eyes
Soft art
Soft life
To create
It will come to me
To be virtuous
Be passive
Master has no set way
Open to all
No intent to help
The good or the bad
Just listen
A few words
To direct them
To a solution
They resolve
The problem
Forget self
Follow others
They move
I move first
When students
Are good to me
I will teach them
When my students
Are not good
To me
They are
Not learning
From the lineage  
Of responds
Not the physical response
For pushing a person
Down maybe
Good for them
Know self
Well enough
To not get
Own view
In the way
The Warrior
Uses the 5 senses
Of the opponent
As his 6th sense
He listens to others
A good
Tai Chi gesture
I appreciate
A poor
Tai Chi gesture
I accept
I learn from both
Has no routine
Mind of this own
He creates
Of the students as his
With the students/opponents
Go to class
With no mind
Pre-class lesson
Take the mind
Of the students
For they are truly
The teachers
Have no
They interfere
With new ones
Good is good
Bad is also good
By changing bad
To good
In the mind
Right is right
Wrong is also right
Change it by thinking
It right
Don’t try
To adjust
To my mind/body
But adjust mind/body
To the opponent
Masters will speak
Thru me
If I let them
Mind must be receptive
Same with body
Hollow so the Masters
Can pass thru it
Any right angle
Is a blockage
Whether mind or body
It stops the Jing
Masters listens
To spirit
Of the students
The students
Are the Masters
Each person expresses
Another Master’s idea
So if I listen to them
I can hear
I pay attention
To the students
If they listen to me
I also pay attention
To the students
Who do not listen
They help direct the class  
I listen
To students
Who hate me
Perhaps the hate is
A Master testing
Is its own
This is good luck
I have faith those
Who have confidence in me
Faith in
Those that do not
I trust that they will
Trust me someday
What I give
Is what I receive
From the Masters
The Master
And sees
As a beginning
Student does
What has been
Done to me
From family/friends/ foes
Become a kid again
With current wisdom
Those who do
Passive push hands
With me
I also am passive
Those who are
I am still passive
For Tai Chi Chuan
Is passive
Students free
From concern
Able to accept
Able to return
Student should have
No fixed mind
Be able
Change with change
Those that are correct
Are correct
Those that are incorrect
Are correct
Because I correct them
In my mind
This makes me first
I am always first
Because I follow
Master causes
His spirit
To rise
Over correct/incorrect
Grasp no more
Than the beginner observes
Student has no interest
Of his own
Only that of spreading
The art
Prior to that he is trying
To understand
And know self
The conflict
During class I am working
On myself
Advanced students
Are sensing it
This causing them
To be in a dilemma
Do they follow
Themselves or others
Adjust to this
Somehow take all
The different interests
From all
The different students
Mold them
Into a unified class
The only way
This can be accomplished
Is thru giving up
My interest
And following others
Am I already doing this
By teaching
Letting the Masters
Work thru me?
The student’s conflict
Is not my fault
The student
Is kind
To the gentle
Sometimes the kind
Can be unkind
In their hearts
And appear kind
If I am
Only thinking
About my
Own interests
Then I am not listening
Is listening
Is also listening
The students use
Their 5 senses
The Master uses
His 6th sense
Like the sun/moon
The teacher
Should be impartial
To good students
And bad students
In class
The rain
On the students
Is only temporary
And impartial
The teacher
Must always be
The same
Only the students change
Inasmuch as the teacher
Is also a student
He must
Change too
But remain same
In his students eyes
Master is certainly
Not political
First I must
Know myself
Own heart
Then others
For I feel
Their heart
Thru my heart
Master said he gets this idea
From his students
He listens
To their hearts
Have no concern
Others concerns
Will show
Have no concern
If others are good or bad
Have no concern
Others will reveal
Their innocence
Then I show
My concern
Virtue visits
The student
Who is worthy
As he returns
To youth
Not violence
Be a virtuous
An upside down V
Time for push hands
Forget self
Follow others
Virtue no violence
Tai Chi is passive
Once connected
To the lineage
A child again
Return to
The trust
Of a child
Be as non-discriminating
As a sun ray/rain drop
Of weather
Whether or not
Once connected
To lineage
Virtue is
The fulcrum
Be a friendly
Weighing all
Been there
Did that
Amused awareness
Tai Chi Chuan
Is like a

Leveling all
At the will
Of the Masters
Like an infant
With its parents