Wednesday, February 24, 2016



WHEN one is out of Life, one is in Death. The
companions of life are thirteen; the companions
of Death are thirteen; and, when a living person moves
into the Realm of Death, his companions are also third-
teen. How is this? Because he draws upon the resources
of Life too heavily.
It is said that he who knows well how to live meets
no tigers or wild buffaloes on his road, and comes out
from the battle-ground untouched by the weapons of
war. For, in him, a buffalo would find no butt for his
horns, a tiger nothing to lay his claws upon, and a
weapon of war no place to admit its point. How is this?
Because there is no room for Death in him.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen


One student
Per year
Of teaching       
Will continue practicing
This art
Teaching for 10 years
Results 10 students
Of those 10
3 will idly follow
3 will live their own lives
3 will quit
Only one serious student
Will continue
And truly connect
To the Masters
Thru the one
Makes it so
There is no move
To lose
Roots deeper
Here death means
"No practice"
Practice is life
No room for
Death of intent
Because intent
Is already apprehension
There is only
One way to live
Many to die
10/3 steps to tai chi
10/3 steps to quitting
3 years
3 principles
3 students
In the practice studio
Not just
Pondering practice
One out of 10
By the Masters
Masters can see Tigers (claws)
Others wanting
To do physical harm to me
See Buffalo’s (horns)
Others making
Harmful emotional points
Weapons (environmental dangers)
Avoid these hazards
Tai Chi Chuan
Is a constant
Battle inside
I will
Be a Warrior
Once a warrior
Body/mind may fail
But I will never die
When I stop
I die
Ward off death
By practicing life
No new idea = end
Do not have
Thoughts of quitting
A closed heart
Is like death
End of practice
Enter rest
Once rested
Practice again
4 limbs
9 external cavities
All are connected
To the heart
If one disconnects
Depend more on
The others
There is no room
In me
To abandon practice
Masters will protect
Me from
Tigers/buffaloes/ weapons
No room
For demise
No place
For death
I feel like
I am having
A battle
In my mind
Use the resources
Of the Masters more
He who knows
Can’t put it into words
He who writes
About it
Has not learned
It all yet
Practice or die
Withdraw/rollback more
Be more frugal
With energy
Or else die
When the energy
Is needed
It will be there
So save energy
By not wasting it on
Entertaining and entertainment
Less is more!
No room
For quitting
Tai Chi Chuan
An animal again
When one does
Not practice
New ideas/feeling
Results in loss
No thought
Of the end
Tai Chi Chuan
Is not like school
Where at the end of 4 years
I leave
Tai Chi Chuan is continued
To the end of life
But there is no
End of life if
I Master the art
Negate doubt
No thoughts
About quitting
No maltreatment
Will come
To me
When a student stops
He is lifeless
Riding a Dragon
Thru the enigmatic place
Of the unknown
Results in
Whatever is required
In the moment
To the art
Know how
To quit
And stay motionless
Existing in death
Still go on living
To shed impulses
Desires of past
Old bad habits
This is
Create whatever
Is required
At the moment
Death of old
Negative thoughts
Tai Chi Chuan
Teaches control
Of the mysterious
Don’t think
Don’t talk
Just practice
Death = past life
Between hands/feet
Lay the secret
To Tai Chi Chuan
The place
Is being
With the Masters
They decide
Death of my past
Live with
The Masters’ guidance
A smile
This sees
Thru the fog  
When one
Is up rooted
One is dead
When one no longer reaches
One is dead
Just be a tree
Root and grow
Live forever
Life’s push hands
Few are called
Only one
Is chosen
Death means
In this poem
Means death
Of the ego
No ego
No worry!
A new idea
Is soft at first
As it grows older
Is becomes
To change with change
Once connected
To the lineage
No stopping
Always being directed
To Tai Chi Chuan
No claws/horns/ piercing points
All the above
Have a point
This comes
Squarely at me
Use Tai Chi Chuan
To dull the points
When one halts
One is dead
Worry = death
Of the moment  
Don’t worry
Don’t die
Live in the moment
Not the dead past
Or the future demise
Live now
Starting Tai Chi Ch’uan
3 out of 10 are attached
To life [practice]
3 out of 10 are attached
To death [no practice]
3 out of 10 are just idly
Passing through [casual/occasional]
Only one knows how
To die [his/her old self]   
Not having their own ambitions
But those of the lineage
What is needed
At the moment  
Be the air in a bellows
Quitting Tai Chi Chuan = death
3 0f 10 quit
3 of 10 practice sometimes
3 of 10 practice full time
One and only one
Is the Master
Who is connected
By the lineage
Once one reach
The level of a Master
Previous life is dead
Keep on living
As whom I really am
This can take
A life time
To achieve
Riding the Dragon
Three will not
See the dragon
Three will see it
Three will ride it
But fall off
One will stay on
Thorax (heart)
Is open to all
Able to discriminate
Good and bad  
Hears the intent
Of the tiger, buffalo and evil objects
The gate to #50
Is the waist!
Not connecting
To lineage
I am a tiger
Left alone by others
Making a point
Like a buffalo’s horns
Untouched by weapons
Not needed
No other’s ideas
Can pierce me
Only one
Realizing it is the secret
Masters protect me
From harm
Recent year
Old self dying
Physical illness/repairs
Emotional neurosis
Not connected
To Masters
Death of art for me
Few are worthy
Find the needle
At the bottom of the sea
Once understood
And expected
Ward off
No room
For stopping
Force vs. force  
Always apprehension
About quitting
Never intent
To leave
The 13 postures
In Tai Chi Chuan
Comes from this poem #50
Doing them
Being aware of them
Is like not practicing them
Not Tai Chi Chuan
Is being able
To listen
To surroundings
First listen to self
Find own balance
Then others
The preserving of life
Only intention
Is new feeling
Achieves stopping
Of progress
In practice
13 companions of life
(4 limbs and 9 openings)
Are also the death
If mistreated
Ward off/rollback/ press/ pulls
Being aware
Of them is life
Not practicing them
What causes student
To quit
Man tries to stay
In balance life
Too much immunity from
The tiger quick problems
Buffalo heavy problems
Weapons material things
Tao is luck
Luck is being able
To listen
To surrounding
But first listen
To self
Find balance/imbalance
In self
Then others
Because he is
Beyond death
Because his is
Beyond imbalance
What we love
Is the mastery
Of equilibrium
What we hate
Is the corruption
Of balance
The anxiety
Of student’s passion
There is no room
For stopping Tai Chi Chuan
Death = stopping practice
A real grasp
On being
Tai Chi Chuan,
True structure
Sudden surprise attacks
Large powerful problems
Are easily comprehended
Not touched
In heart
Save balance
What I have
In common
With opponent
Both breathing same air
Standing on land
Movement like water
Work on immunity
Tai Chi Chuan
Is the build immunity
Immunity’s major component
Is listening
What stops practice
Is the reason to practice
While taking
A shower
Many ideas
Prepare for
Combat feeling
Same as feeling
Of dipping into
Very cold or hot water
Yu Pei Shih
Ideas or feelings
Are born
And forgotten
Ideas understood
Are right for man
3 out of 10
Have 3 ideas
They die/forgotten
3 out of 10
Have no ideas
Get a new idea
Let it go
Get another new idea
Let it go
Tapping into the vessel
That is never full or empty
Open following others
Open to the Masters
They give whatever
Is needed at the moment
Being conscious
Never do things
That impend practice
Whatever is in life
Is also in Tai Chi Chuan
Is in the human body
Is in the body
Of the universe
They are companions.
From Tigers and buffalo
The secret is listening (ting)
Understanding (Tung)
Controlling (Na)
Moving (quan)
Discharging (fa)
Seeking life
What others
Say life is
Is really death
Of life’s true way   
Not practicing
When I get the urge
Is also demise
Not listening
To the Masters
The worthy will be
Entrusted with managing
Their lives
Avoiding sharp points
By Rhinoceros head
Tiger claws
Buffalo’s horns
All weapons of death
Death being quitting
I have been
Entrusted with it
Only one in ten
3 in ten
Pursue abnormal
3 in ten quit
3 in ten
Get one
Serious student
For each year
Of teaching
Here death means
The death
Of others knowledge/ideas/influences
Also the death of
This is the part of undoing
Provides whatever
Is required
In the moment
Truly connected
To the Masters
Who guide
I Must give up
To destiny
The secret
To push hands
Being able to adapt
To the environment
With just a thought
This ability
No tiger/buffalos/weapons
Can hurt
Because they are
The environment
Learned How to
Adjust to them
To Masters
Being shaped
By others is dead
There isn’t any more room for
Death in him
No others in him anymore
Now live own life/ideas
The ultimate defense
Is not being there
When attacked
Fostering life
Doing Tai Chi Chuan
Staying alive
Only one
Out of ten
3 die form a buffalo/rhinos horn
Another person
Making a point (gore)
Keep distance
From other’s points
Be isolated
Body feels like
A tiger clawing
Muscles and joints
Have a tiger paw
Build own fort
(Practice space)
It is easier to adjust
The form (life)
In own space
Go anywhere
To practice
Others watching
Can be like rhino’s watching
A student
Keeps out of danger
By being apprehensive
In all situations
Then in others
The Tao
Rules the lineage
Who rule the living Master
Who rules the students
Who follow the Tao
This is the spirit circle
Student expresses the Tao
This directs
The Master who
Represents the Masters
If evil appears
During the changes
In the mind
Of the student
This is a test
By the Masters
How do the students
Handle it
Most stop Tai Chi Chuan
Some blame
Their teacher and leave
But continue studying
(Breaking with the lineage)
Some continue on
Pass the test
And get stronger
For more tests
If there is any harm
Done during the test
It is brought on
By the student
Not the teacher
Learn to concentrate
On things
Same way
When worrying
About them
Only instead of worrying
Look for a solution
To the problem
1 in 10 has pung (ward off)
Never do anything
That will take away his pung
This pung is life
Have pung
Cannot harm
Must have impeccable pung
Some students just quit
3 out of ten
Attached to death
Some students
3 out of then
Attached to life
One student, understand
Give up his self
To the art
1 out of ten
Truly understands
Me down
Causes tension/manic
About what comes next
Negates creativity
Masters inside me
Not tigers, buffaloes
Can harm me
Am I the one
To the lineage
Find the fulcrum
Life and death
Practice or no practice
Just thinking is practice
Physically is a confirmation
When one stops
Undoing they are dead
Death of ego results
In back to birth
undoing means
Undoing intent to life
And apprehension of death
Apprehension is passive
Tai Chi Chuan
This is a pivot/fulcrum
Of life
Kidney meridian
Connects to earth
Listen with the earth
Is disconnecting
To the lineage
When one stops
Believing they quit
Merge with Tigers
Buffalos and weapons
to control them
When out of ideas
One has ended
That art/profession
New ideas protect
Me from the weapons of words
This poem applies
To my desire
For sex/violence
The death of creativity
No more room for it
When connected
To the lineage
He is immortal
Old self
Obsessions dying
Making room
For creative acts
Ward off the old
Press/push the new
During training
It amuses the Masters
When one stops
Masters quit too
Masters take care
I have no thought
Of stopping
No room for quitting
Tai Chi Chuan
While 13 vital organs
Are being repaired
No doubt
Confirms worthiness
Practice negates
Speeds up repairs
Avoid being attacked
By a tiger/buffalo/weapon
By becoming a
Using their points
To make
Tai Chi Chuan point
Death is
To lineage
Practicing existence
Makes it so
There is no move
To lose
Roots deeper
When attacked

Don’t fight back
Don’t give up
Control force
By following
Borrow and return
Invulnerable do
To no doubt