Wednesday, February 24, 2016



ALL-under-Heaven have a common Beginning.
This Beginning is the Mother of the world.
Having known the Mother,
We may proceed to know her children.
Having known the children,
We should go back and hold on to the Mother.
In so doing, you will incur no risk
Even though your body be annihilated.
Block all the passages!
Shut all the doors!
And to the end of your days you will not be worn out.
Open the passages!
Multiply your activities!
And to the end of your days you will remain helpless.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen

To the source
Slow set
Mothers support
Their children
Mothers look to children
For strength/stability
Same relationship in all
Of heaven and earth
Expressed by man
Known as equilibrium
Is a fulcrum
Gives birth
To the scale
Once realized
The scale
Weight everything
Too much yin
Add yang
Too much yang
Take away
Some yang = balance
These are the children
Once know how
To weigh something
Then concentrate
On the fulcrum
It is important
To understand how
A scale works
Before weighing things
Eventually have control
Of the scale
The lever
Of life
Is the fulcurm
Fulcrum supports
Center of gravity
Kow tow to
Center of gravity
See center of gravity
In self-first
Then students
Opponent lastly
It was there
In the good and bad
But I did not know myself
Well enough
To recognize it
To know/understand
Other forms/weapons
Is to turn back
To slow set
Fill the hollow
With heart]
Hub = body
Vase = food water in body
Room = practice space
All must be filled
With spirit
At one time
Was a child too
To know the mother’s
Is to know
The mother
At what time
Does the child
Become old enough
To be the mother
Being the mother
Is being creative
In childhood
Be careful as to
What information
Is let in
Once a mother
Protect children
Guide them
Cannot live
Their lives
Let them go physically
Protect them spiritually
Both in time/space
Waist controls
Control body
Mother Ideas
Give birth
To children
Of ideas
First find
The Master
Must be an artist
To do this
Next master self
Finally know others
To become
A warrior
Don’t read/view/ listen
To others until
I know self
Slow Set
Is the secret
To Tai Chi Chuan
I know
The slow set
Then can know
Weapons/push hands
Mother = Physics
Is earth/China
Child is man
Masters are heaven/spirit
All gestures
Have a common beginning
Mind/eyes/hands/ body
Slow Set
Is the mother
Giver of birth
New ideas
Slow Set
Coil spring joints
Keep the mother (slow set)
Let Masters in
To test
Then relate
To others
Are open
From earth/China
Will ascend
Know slow set
Then applications
Then push hands
Block other influences
Negate stress
Of learning to soon
It all begins
In mind
This is the universe
All from
The lineage
The universe
Live life
Common beginning
Uncommon idea
The future
Find the bow
Then string the bow
Then add the arrow/applications
The Mother
Is a fulcrum!
Slow set
Is the Mother
The father
Is the Master
The children
Are the new ideas
Ideas are the future
Of the art
Ward off all
Do not expose
Self to trouble
Is a fulcrum
Know slow set
To know
Weapons/push hands
Don’t talk
Don’t think
Don’t use senses
Use 6th sense instead
Wu Wei
Slow set
Is the origin
Of all ideas
Block all passages
While going thru
The changes
Always return
To slow set
The Mother
To find the answer
In nature
Is to have insight
Feel it
In the wrist first
The beginning
Slow set
To applications
In life
Ward off
Press away
Only if needed
Ward off
Thru Tai Chi Chuan
Grow around
All obstacles
Something new
In Slow Set
Apply it
To weapons/push hands
Then return
To Slow Set
Shut the outside
To open inside
To the earth
Slow Set
Is the Mother
Are new ideas
Once understood
Thru practice
In all forms/applications
Return to Slow Set
Shut off/block
The past
Be in the present
To be free
For the future
Common beginning
The Bow
To the Tao
Receive all
Return to the Tao
All have
In common
Aware of gravity
Thru Slow set
Then spirit
Spirited gravity
Via man
Ward off stage
Progressing in Tai Chi Chuan
Block all passages
Close all doors
Returning to the source
Slow Set
I want ideas
From nothing
Where do
They come from?
Is the Tao
This is nameless
Comes from practice
Perhaps my DNA
Of Tai Chi Chuan
Have a Ying and Yang
To them
Must have
A body/mind
To give birth
To a new idea
Have the correct form
Understanding the principles
Behind it
To give birth
To a new feeling
The mother
Is the Slow Set
Child is the other
Forms/push hands/weapons
Return to the mother
Slow set unifies
The techniques
In the Slow set
Attain at the
In the resolution
Of a gesture
All the offspring
Will get to be
Know quicker applications
If they know
Slow Set
Flexibility is power
In body/mind
The sign
Of a good teacher
Find the martial art
In the slow set
Slow Set
Is like breathing
Ideas in and out
The Slow Set
Is the foundation
Of everything
Ideas I am
Concentrating on
Is the
Having known
The gesture
Return to their source
The fulcrum
Concentration on it
Learn slow set
Find the pivot
Of gestures
Concentrate on connection
By thinking
About the pivot
When watching hands
The eyes connect
The hands
To the fulcrum
Know slow set
Then know applications
Put students
Into ward off
Then let them
Do slow set
First move of slow set
1. Stretch
2. Connect
3. Ward off
Don’t live
For others’ ideas
Close mouth
Close all the body’s senses
Reside in the
Original unity
Reach this unity
Thru Slow Set
Become centered
Look upon the world
Relate to it
Find peace/contentment
The elusive
Be enlightened
Look for it in others
The ones that see it
Good push hands partner
What takes energy
Is others
Have enough energy
On my own
Don’t take from others
Nor give to others
Until understanding
Students should find
Their own energy
Teacher’s job is
To alignment thru
Slow set
Not too fast
Not to slow
Teach students
To use their energy
To repair themselves first
Then additional forms
Don’t restrict
What comes in
From the Masters
But do restrict
What goes out
To the students
Knife set
Is considered
A child of slow set
Once we have learned knife
Go back to the slow set
Apply knife to that
This came before
Occurs within
To know yourself
Thru feeling
The new coming
Via the Masters
Anything new
Should be related back
To the old
All professions
Are like this
Everything is built on
The foundation
Of the old
Once the new
Is established
It can become part
Of the old
If it is worthy
This can occur
In just a thought
Or it can take 100 years
Ward off others
While getting
To know self
Open to others to
Soon become helpless
All new
Come to me
From the Masters
Keeping flexible
Is called strength
Must light
My own way
Keep close (survival)
To Tai Chi Chuan
As long as you live
Grandmaster Yang Lu-chan
Said Tai Chi Chuan
Will take care
Will always have
Accomplished by closing
Senses and living
By the 6th sense
Aware within self
So not to deplete self
In the world
Of others
The mother
Is who
First thought
Of the idea
He who hears
The new idea
Becomes the son
Of the mother
I feel
I am a son
Of the Tung style
Keep working
On the small details
Revealed in bright eyes
If I understand Slow set
I can understand all
All means
That which came before
History /lineage
And all that will come after
(Who will continue)
The present
Should be used
For practice
Past and future
Will reveal as
I get stronger
From the
Masters (mother)
To students
Ward off all
Negate news/entertainment
Cultivate spiritual
Must connect to
Mother earth first
Then create
Take the small corrections
Which add up
To great gestures
To dwell
On shortcomings leads
To great gestures
Don’t do push hands
To learn
But rather
To confirm
Slow Set
Proceed to weapons
Proceed to others
By teaching Slow Set
Block all
Family, friends and foe
Who causes calamities
Is the mother
Spirited ideas
Slow Set
Repair and align
Weapons/Push Hands
Encounter with nature
Slow set
1st move of Slow Set
Slow Set
Urge not
To do weapons
Means more practice
Of Slow Set
Tai Chi Chuan
Advancing back
To China
Know Slow Set
To know self
Know self
To know gestures
Know gestures
To know applications
Know applications
To know others
Just do
Slow Set
With faithful