Wednesday, February 24, 2016


HE who knows does not speak.
He who speaks does not know.
Block all the passages!
Shut all the doors!
Blunt all edges!
Untie all tangles!
Harmonize all lights!
Unite the world into one whole!
This is called the Mystical Whole,
Which you cannot court after nor shun,
Benefit nor harm, honor nor humble.
Therefore, it is the Highest of the world.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen


Learn to listen
Jing Ting
Have no intent
Don’t square off
With others
Harmonize with that
Around me
This is the mysterious
Find this fulcrum
Then things
Cannot surprise
If I don’t follow
The poem’s advice
The Masters
Will do it for me
Via tests
Known as
Riding the Dragon
The secret
To entering others
Have compassion
Be humble
Honor their wishes
Protect self
If I am talking
I am not listening
The only way
I reach
The highest level
Is by riding a Dragon
Can mean
Internal dialogue
Those who understand
Do not have
An internal dialogue
Those who do
Don’t understand
Part of apprehension
Is blocking
Outside distractions
Making the body
One chi
Also must be humble
To be relaxed
Do not be influence
Or controlled
By others
Use ward off
Until I can
Interpret energy
Shut mouth
Breathe thru nose
Close gate
But remember
Where it is located
In the fence
Blunt sharpness
Using caution
Loosen knots
Don’t make “nots”
In the first place
He who knows
Does not speak
He thinks it
If I speak
I use up
My chi
I must reach
The mystical whole
Before I can
Push hands
Protest will block
To new Ideas
Know self-first
Shut off
The outside world
Solo practice
Reach the one
Actually returning
To the womb
Go thru what
This poem lists
To going further
In the beginning
Masters are directing
Without my knowledge
I am aware
Quiet down!
He who is listening
Does not need ears
He who is not listening
Needs loud noise
Block all openings
Secure all accesses
Round all edges
Unfasten all kinks
Complement all light
Unite the body into total
The mystical whole
All the above
Adds up
To youth
Just think it
If there is no talk
I do not know
Means the bellows
Or hub does not work
Makes for a dull situation
Means alone
At last
Not so bright
Do not be
The yin or the yang
Live by the fulcrum within
Then you have
Reached the Tai Chi
Do not speak until
I know the mother
(Slow Set)
Then only speak
To the mother
Not her children
Speak to the Mother
As one of her Children
The children
Should not speak
Ward off all until
Mother is known
Practice only
Slow set
For it is
The mystical whole
Block entertainment
Shut off TV
Blunt parties
Harmonize with spirit/gravity
Practice slow set
Before intent
Senses negate  
Stay home
No need to go out
Blunted ambition
A mental
Alignment too
He who knows
Does not speak
Because he is
With the Master
Unite body
Into whole
During the process
It feels like a hole
Negate intent
Mine and others
Fill the body
With water/chi
Do not allow any leaks
Via desires
Mystical bow
Achieved this poem
Seek perfection
In all
He who knows
Does not declare
He cannot put it
Into words
He who speaks
Does not know
He is using
Other’s words
Vortexing all day!
It is how we live
Always moving
Always rooting
Into our past
Connect to earth
Upward and outward
Downward and inward
Like a coil spring
Future presses downward
Rooting into the past
This spring forward
Into the vortexing future
Become anti-social
To find self
Then once
Listen to others
Ward off bad
Press good
Push balance
Close down
He who knows
Does not speak
Has apprehension
He who speaks
Does not know
Has intent
No people
To speak to
Is silent
Ward off
Those who know
Just think it
Those who do not know
Talk it
Wu Wei
To receive
Tai Chi Chuan
Blocked body
Open all joints
Sharpen all senses
Negate all worries
Focus on a single idea (light)
Be one with environment
Do the above
New energy
Will appear
6th sense
Answer will come
Staying home
Staying to myself
Stay, stay, stay
Halt, halt, halt
The news
Marry body/mind
With the oneness
Of Tai Chi Chuan
True enlightenment
May take
A life time
From me is took
A minuet
And 30 years
To remove blockages
While Riding the Dragon
Draining all chi
Unite body
As one chi
Return with Jing/Chi
He who knows
Does not talk about it
Those that know
Without words
He who talks
About the above
Is not connected
To the lineage
During workshop/camp
My form was not good
This is O.K.
It keeps the secret
For I am
A paper dragon
Once merged
With the lineage
Cannot be wooed/ damaged
9 Steps Bridge
Ward off all
Rollback unite all
Press news
To future
Push to create
Block outside
Open inside gates
Tai Chi Chuan
Reason for
Other teacher here
Caused me
To withdraw
From large classes
Seeking the Tai Chi
Thru solo practice
Who knows
Does not speak
But does
Understand the feeling
But cannot put it
Into words
But every so often
An artist will
Express it
Perhaps this journal
Is expressing it
Those who speak
Do not know
They don’t have feeling
So they scientifically try
To express the method
To get it
Trying easy ways to it
Tricks/ Bragging
Old problems/worries/hang-ups
Is part of the opening
Of the mind/body
Most people
Do not make it
To this point
Of seeing
The balance of life
Cannot be loved
Nor hated
Reason is a fulcrum
If someone or thing
Gets too close
To our extremes
The is a counter balance
Their action
To remain
Level headed
Finding the fulcrum
One cannot
Be furthered
Nor harmed
Plus and minus
Cannot influence me
Protected by
The Masters
Righteousness and humiliation
Cannot influence me
Cannot lose face
Because I knows
What to do
Before the event
Takes place
Tai Chi Chuan
The bubble
In the level
Become a fulcrum
Whole body
Is reflected
In senses
Every point
Is in balance
Keep balance
In feet
All organs
Are in balance
The Masters
Followed nature
Students are part
Of nature
Just listen
To Masters
Sixth sense aligns
With my
Block Chi-kung
Shortcut leads
To short sightedness
No other teachers
The teachers knows
Speaks only during class
He is the conduit
For the lineage
The oneness
Cannot court after
Nor shun
Nor harm
Neither honor
Nor humble
Useless worthy
If I do know
About it
About it
The talk will cause
Desire in others
This can be destructive
By working on
Hips and legs
I am melding
Ice of age
A fluid fulcrum
An infant again
Those who don’t talk
Seem disinterested
Those who talk
I am not interested in
The mysterious
Is the Master
Working in me
Those who have faith
Don’t need to talk
To those who
Do not have faith
Who only chat
Close mouth
Masters instruction
Silent senses
More of a receiver
The Masters
Talk thru me
So I can talk
In class
If speaking
Not listening
He who knows
To push
Does not push
Just locates
Center and control
He who is constantly
Is not listening
Cannot talk
Way into it
Cannot talk
Others into it
Don’t have to talk
Just think it
Must use feelings more
Show what I feel
Then show
I understand
Worthy ones
Will connect
I think it
Is the openness
That the Masters
Can enter into
The picture
Feel it
With 6th sense
The merging
Of the lineage
Masters to teacher
To students
Once connect
It is forever
Must become part
Of the whole history
Of Tai Chi Chuan
Grandmaster Tung Ying-chieh’s
Fist into my chest
Causes an immediate
Alertness and root-ness
Then my gestures are
The avenue
To the heart
Don’t do anything
That unbalances
Relating all
Tao Te Ching poems
To each morning practice
It seems like
All insights
Are getting shorter
More concise
What I am doing
Is the oneness  
The oneness
With the lineage
Cannot be realized
Unless one Kow tows
To the Masters
Shadowy leveling
Do not use
The five senses
To do the leveling
Includes the touch sense
If there is a fulcrum
Between partners
Must not try
To left up or push down
On other
To level
Get heavier or lighter
Depending on him
Listen and follow
This is done
In mind/body
Get something
Is arrival
Is unique
A real way
Of finding
Tai Chi Chuan
Most important
Align before
Muscles build up
A worthy
Tai Chi Chuan student
Knows about the Masters
But does not speak
Stop socializing
Don’t have sharp answers
Tangled thoughts
Feel dexterity
Let it unite
With students
Mysterious arrangement
Do when going
Thru the changes
Ward off/rollback/press/push
Ways into heart
Ward off/rollback/press/push
Conflicts with others
All gestures
When learning knife
Do not go beyond
Edge of the knife
First learn
To listen
To teacher
Then self
Next knife
Last others
He who knows
Does not speak
Masters speak thru him
He who speaks
Does not know
The Masters are not in him
He is not worthy
A class is defined
As a place
Where the Masters
Are attending
Thru somebody
In the room
If connected
Master can speak
To me
Without words
I never do anything
That I might enjoy
Is a way
To tell me to go
To the cave
On top of the mountain
Withdraw and get
To know self
Then once discovered self
Look for it in others
Show it
Open to them
Discover greater wonders
Those who know
Limit the use of
Their 5 senses
And rely on
Their 6th sense
Those who
Totally rely
On 5 senses
Do not know
When others approach
Use your 6th sense
Will never
Be pushed or pulled
Of balance
This is Tai Chi Chuan
Perhaps I am
Now ready
To write a book
About Tai Chi
Via the Tao Te Ching
He who speaks badly
Of his teacher
Is not worthy
To continue
Don’t deliberate  
Out loud
Don’t read books
Others words
Find own ideas
Spiritual 6th sense
In which the Master
Is motivated
Move in accordance
With the 6th sense
This is a direct link
To the Masters
Feel subtlety
Of spirit
Let it combine
Others’ gravity
Be physically
To be able
To be light
Like a mist or steam
To merge
With others
If a person
Is cold merge
With them as steam
To warm
If they are hot cover
In cool mist
The only way
To do the above
Is by listening
To them
Following them
Use 6th sense
Unite the body
To heaven and earth
Divine humble gestures
Unite the body
Into a fulcrum
Wisdom = fulcrum
Lifting unites
Body into oneness
With spirit/gravity
Hence a Master
To harmonize
With Masters
To achieve
Tai Chi Chuan
Be “Still”
And know

Via Slow Set