Wednesday, February 24, 2016


THE Spirit of the Fountain dies not.
It is called the Mysterious Feminine.
The Doorway of the Mysterious Feminine
Is called the Root of Heaven-and-Earth.
Lingering like gossamer, it has only a hint of existence;
And yet when you draw upon it, it is inexhaustible.
Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen

Once I connect
To the spirit
I cannot
Exhaust it
The inexhaustible
Is the foundation
Of the art
Valley spirit
Is realized
By reversing
The fulcrum
Must have
A calm mind
Strong legs
Perfect alignment
To experience
The fulcrum
In the waist
Unseen endlessly
Everything has a fulcrum
(Pivot point)
A Tai Chi
All the time
Feel it
To find it   
Be alert
To find it in others
Listen/judge everything
Via the Tai Chi
Something can be weigh
It must first be
At rest
On a scale
So wait for it
To stop then use
My scale
Whether it is a word
Or a gesture
It can be weighed
First water (chi)
Falls down
From heaven (Masters)
To earth
Thru me
Later it is like
A fountain shooting up
Thru me
Once I connect
To the Masters
Who are invincible
I become receptive
To their
Unending teaching
And testing
Be like a woman
She creates
If a woman
Does not want  
She reveals
True physical and mental
Ward off
If a woman wants me
And I do not want her
I will experience
A scorn push
If I am
Not receptive
My roots
Are not connected
To earth (gravity)
I dry out
And blow away
Practicing the art
Slow Set
Is the woman
Making love
Is the same
As doing slow set
Enjoy it
Don’t think too much
It is elastic
Changing with change
If I am calm
Soft and wet
The Masters
Can enter me
Like a man enters
A woman
But the man
Must be full
To fulfill
Thru the heart
Down to the hips
Into the leg
Back up
To the next gesture
Be receptive
To receiving
From the Master
Changing with change
Is the secret
To the form and life
Only the feelings
Change easily
It is the root
Of the art
Earth is still
Man moves
To heaven
Stay ward off
Rollback and apprehension
The yin
Not the intent, press and push
The yang
Stay with apprehension
Looking for a soft
Pliable foundation
Like a rooted tree
Not a rock
That will not move
Roots in the ground
Never stop rooting
A rock
Only roots once
Sex = female
Secret to the gesture
Not expanding (male)
But to sink
Have apprehension
The fountain
Must be supported
Must be supported
To change with change
The secret to nature
Is it the spirit
Of the fountain
I must be calm
Relaxed and soft
To hug
Once I hug
I will root/support
The object of my hug
Like a fountain
Ways ready
Tai Chi is infinity
The absolute
Comes from "no limit"
It involves the mechanism
It contains dynamic
And static movement
It is the mother
Of yin and yang
Of everything
Male and female
It is the root of motion
This is division
And stillness
This is union
In movement
It separates
In stillness
It combines
It must be neither overdone
Nor underdone
It must be exact
Comes from growing
Understanding plus effort
Leads one gradually
Full enlightenment
Be open-minded
Be a Tai Chi fulcrum
To the lineage
I must always
Be yin
When connected
To the Masters
Yin hand/forearm
With no yang intent
Unless called for
Kai He style
is constant
Yang forearms/hands
Hollow space
In joints
Is the mysterious feminine
The valley
That must be open
To connect
Heaven to earth
Masters to China
Must have a yang
For the yin energy
Then turn the yin
Into yang
Secret to push hands
Open the sternum
As a female opens
Will lead
To inexhaustible
Ideas/ feelings (climaxes)
Are always present
Only attention/concentration
Is on and off
To concentrate more
Means to stay alert
To the Masters
They will do everything
Letting me
Be creative
On my own
If they did not
The art will not evolve
Kai He style
Is to draw
Upon the universal
Just thinking of the Valley
Causes me to open
All ideas (kids)
Have Yang (father)
And yin (mother)
Evolution is dividing
Of ideas
Of ideas
Ideas never end
It just get covered up
Tai Chi Chuan
Slow set is the kid
Of the fruit/idea
All students
Back to youth
Slow Set
Source of ideas
Don’t try
To force it
All Tai Chi Chuan
Nature’s laws
I have tapped into
The spirit
Of the valley
It is the bellows
Mystic female creating
Out of invisible source
He who follows
Tai Chi Chuan
Strong body
Clear mind
Sharp sight/hearing
He does not clutter up
His mind
With entertainment
I am connected
To the Masters
Then I will prefer
To withdraw
This is being
Open and receptive
Also it is the connecting
Listening and seeing
Withdrawal means
Return to center
Return to waist
Where everything
Is controlled
When I was a child
Valley female
Is insubstantial
Everything drains down
To the valley
Via gravity
Spirit and gravity
Cannot be seen but are
Always there
When I come
Into contact
With another’s hand
Point of contact
Become spiritual
The next joint down
Gives up gravity
Now I am open
Slow Set is immortal
All the students
Who got it
Are still here
They are the Masters
The vale spirit
Is what reaches
The opponent’s heart
Once connected
Then receive
The opponent’s force
Fertile implies
A father too
Father gives meaning
To the word fertile
To get a new idea
I must be the mother
Of the idea
Masters are the father
If my heart is open
The idea
Will last forever
Even to the point
After death
Of changing
To the father
Once I connect
To the Masters
Only I bring it for
Or let it go
Always remain
A child is born with it  
But loses contact
With age
Tai Chi Chuan renews
Being receptive
Is the secret
Always listening/questioning
Like a child
Each morning
I practice
I draw upon them
Without calling them
The Masters are there
Listen with yin
Are always there
How do I uncover them?
Once connected
They will never leave
Only I can disengage
By not practicing
Mysterious fertile
To keep it fertile
I must practice slow set
It is the closest thing
To a perfect human existence
It is the source
Of the vital force
Tai Chi Chuan is
The activity
Of the new ideas
Tai Chi Chuan
Is an evolution
And creation
Of new ideas
Covert famine
Causes urge
To be yin
Urge for sex/Creativity
Giving birth to child/idea
Ultimate creative act
Life is open
To the lineage
Of infinity
Sympathetic conduit
To seductive
Results in birth
Of new ideas
To arrive
Be receptive
To yield
Be passive
To return
With Masters
Be fertile
Never ends
But intent/yang
Can inhibit it
To merge
With the lineage
The heart
Of a gesture
Is like a tree
Always immortal
And expanding
To the spirit
And rooting to gravity
The heart
Is hollow
To humbly
Is infinity