Wednesday, February 24, 2016



HOW does the sea become the king of all streams?
Because it lies lower than they!
Hence it is the king of all streams.
Therefore, the Sage reigns over the people by humbling
 himself in speech;
And leads the people by putting himself behind.
Thus it is that when a Sage stands above the people,
 they do not feel the heaviness of his weight;
And when he stands in front of the people, they do not
 feel hurt.
Therefore all the world is glad to push him forward
 without getting tired of him.
Just because he strives with nobody,
Nobody can ever strive with him.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen


To respond
To any situation
Think what would
Water do
Get down lower
Not only physically
Also mentally
A bow
Forces me
To be humble
Concentrate on
The aim
Be strong
To hold up
The entire lineage
History of the art
I must get stronger
Via alignment
With body/mind
Relating to lineage
If the student
Is perfectly aligned
With the teacher
The student
Does not feel
The teacher
Giving up
To the gravity
Of the situation
Whether physical or mental
Be lower
Than the Masters
Also humble
So they can
Come down
Thru me
To earth/China
Fa Jing
Too soon
I am discharging
The Masters too
It is not how
Low I go
It is how
I go low
In addition
It is not what
I do it is what
I undo
Stay low
Always be aware
Of gravity acting
On me
Kow tow
And squat
Talking causes
Spirit to escape
The mouth
Do not talk
Remain high spirited
Support Masters
That is
Their center of gravity
Get closer
To center
Of earth/China
By giving up
To gravity
Then energy
In front
But deceptively
With mind
Of a student
To learn
Get stronger
Than the opponent
Go under
His center of gravity
Until I need
To straighten
Bow all day
Or straighten
For a second
Find center of gravity
Gather into it
Once done
Then expand outward
To the past/future
Meeting in
My center
Too soon
I will fall
Don’t reach at all
After I found my center
Chi should move
Thru the legs
Like a stream
Thru a mountain
Must have
Center of gravity
                                                                    And mind
Under opponent
This is being humble
Get down lower
Master says
Go deep
Into myself
Squat physically
Humble myself
Give up
To gravity
Become one
With earth/China
For the fish
To come
To the hook
Water is at one
With gravity
Deeper the water
The more pressure
Be more humble
Water only comes
To a low-pressure
Weather system
Systems rotate
In a counter clockwise
When confronted
By an opponent
Go low
In a counter clock wise
Thru the constant
Rain shower
Of ideas
I will cultivate
The art
During practice
Go lower
Counter clockwise
A thunderstorm will not last
Nor will my practice
When not practicing
Be sunny/bright
Have center of gravity
Under others
At all times
Become like a fulcrum
Can sense
Standing above
Is like
A scale
With the fulcrum
Support above
How do to control
The opponent
By lowering pelvis
Put opponent
On a scale
4 oz. moving 1000 pounds
Be a low-pressure
Weather system
When facing
An opponent
Or any conflict
Just sit
This opens body
Relaxes mind
Push hands
Lower center of gravity
By opening like
An unstrung bow
Bottom down
Top up
Center of gravity
Spirit will follow
Rooted in the art
Go lower/deeper
Humble body
To the Masters
When Master
Told me
To get down lower
I should get lower
Than him
And my students
This is kow towing
Find the fulcrum
Between me and students
Then go lower
Lift them
And their spirit
Press self-deeper
All the way
To China
Be lower
Than opponent
If he pulls or pushes
It is like the string
On a bow
It causes Jing
Wait for the fish
To come to hook
Kow Tow!
Want to do great
Tai Chi Chuan
Be like a tree
Rooted and reaching
Gravity rooted
Spirit reaching
Soft leaf
Solid feet
Gravity hollows
The upper body
Allowing chi
To flow back
To earth/China
Then return as
Jing (life)
How does the mind
Become calm?
Because body
Is supporting it
Must be
To hold up
The mind
Mind = Universe (all)
Tao is the way
Tai Chi Chuan
Is the method
While rooted
Stretch over
The obstacles
Lower always
Supports the higher
If I am high
Without support
I suddenly get low
Feels like the low
Needs a high
Therefore up I go again
In addition
Down I go again
Kow Tow
To understand
The highs and lows
A blind man
Is humble
To his surroundings
Kow tow
To life
Kow tow
To all
They will feel
My support
A student or opponent
Has an unstrung body
Always open
When alert string bow
Spirit comes down
On opponent
My center of gravity
Goes up
Under opponent’s center
Stay low
Always be aware
Of gravity
Acting on me
Heal not harm
Love water
So be a dragon
In water
I felt the Dragon tail
Dragon tail (coccyx circle)
A Dragon
Can shapeshift
Try having different tails
For different needs
Squirrel tail for balance
Dogs tail to show moods
Rattlesnake tail warning
Scorpions tail to attack
Poky pines tail to attack
Horses tail to shoe away flies
Are the Masters
Of the body
Under the direction
Of the mind
Be humble
To receive the force
Both the Master’s
And opponents
Humbly receive
To boldly return
The secret circle
In push hands
No one will find
My center
Not ahead
Not along side
Just follow
Low first
Follow the earth
Earth supports
Man follows
Earth moves
I move first
One with the earth/China
Never attack
Control by following
My heart
The opponent’s heart   
Hear it
I have mercy
When attacked
Humble self
By rooting deeper
Let spirit (lineage) defend
Add humble
To the above
Kow Tow to all
Yu Pei Shih
Then Kow Tow
Stay rooted
Go deeper
Into self
Lower and lower
Until I reach bottom  
Then connect
To the earth
Ascend a new energy  
Empty all old
Taught thoughts
Fill with Masters
Support the history
Support the Masters
Support the students
Support opponent
To all and listen
What is
The center of gravity
Of water
Secret is earth
Kow tows to water
What is the center of gravity
Of a Tai Chi Master
Opponent feels
No intent
Coming from me
He does feel
His intent
Being controlled
By me
Striving = intent
To center of the earth
And beyond
To China
Kow Tow to all
To get energy
To upper body
Vortex pelvis
Heartfelt gestures
Follow and support
The Masters
To relax
Is to sink
Like water
Moves freely
Always under gesture
The gestures
And their gestures
Be wise enough
To give up
To gravity
Spirit will keep
Me standing/plumb
No intent
Intent causes leaning
And negates plumb  
Be apprehensive
All the way
To the center
Of the earth
Be quiet
And listen
To be above
The students
Be below them
They are
Really the Masters
Kow Tow
To them
The Masters
Cannot physically move
Because they have
Become mountains
I can move so
I am the river
My words
Must be
So simple
Can be understood
By all
Do not compete
With Masters or students
Don’t strive
Rivers in valleys
The river is king
It is closer
To the center of gravity
Of the earth
To be ahead
Then perform
As if behind
Letting students
Add their idea/feelings
Will keep their interest
The deeper I go
Into myself
The more grounded
To lead
Learn the ability
Of following
Follow only if I am
In myself
Hips open
Brings softness/humbleness
Humbleness = softness
Master is overhead
But the unworthy
Don’t sense it
Instead of pushing
Only try pulling
This is the rollback
Only I can hide
My intent
The sea
Is lower
Giving up to gravity
The lower I go
The heaver
More humble I get
To be ahead
Of the opponent
Put mind behind
His thought
Watch where he is
Going before
He goes there
The above is the secret
To push hands
Now just get the body
To follow mind
When confronting
An opponent
Realizes that he to
Is made of water
But a river or stream
Use the knowledge
And power of the sea
Masters before
To move him
But do not hurt him
For he is part of me
Humble and lower
Lower means
More relaxed/stronger
More unpretentious
Just because I strive
With nobody
Can ever strive
With me
Don’t compare
Like a mountain
Keep heart/mind
In the valley
Life will move
Like a river
To lead opponent
Learn the knack of
Master is above
The student
But they don’t
Sense his burden
Take the low ground
Their ego
Will cause
Them to fall
No longing
To control
Then the student
Will not
Feel burdened
Be the boat
Get down
Below the Master
Getting down lower
Also means deeper
As deep
As the ocean
Deep into self
To the point of
Looking up at self
See spirit
Going down
Also means
Giving up
To gravity
Then going below gravity
To point of being able
To look up
At gravity
Gravity becomes spirit
This is the secret
To push hands
Lower yourself to point
Of being under students
Once having power
Have no desire
To use it
Controlling others
The foundation
Of all that is around
The foundation
Of ideas
To be humble is
To be open/empty
The more humble
The more
In new ideas
Be perfectly aligned
To give up to gravity
Sink below others
Sink to point of becoming
Their foundation
Even to the point
Of becoming
The earth/China
Under their feet
If I am their foundation
Then I can feel
The slightest vibration  
Both physical and mental
Be as humble
As dirt
And grow/nourish
New students
As the students
Begin to lose
Their balance
I must be rooted
Stable enough
To give them something
To touch
To regain
Their balance
I cannot hold them up
But I can give
Them something
To lean on
Reason for me
Not doing well
At demoing
I look upon demo
As striving
Makes me nervous
Master humbles me
So I feel lower
Lower is stronger
Master controls
My intent
Gets me lower
If others intent
Can push me over
Without much effort
If I don’t use waist
Means lowering
Center of gravity
Stay below
And will not feel
The heaviness
Of their weight
Because I am listening
Can move out
Of their way
Always keep balance
Master can achieve
His true appeal
By humiliating
Don’t strive or compete
Stay below
Opponent’s center of gravity
If he can lower
His center of gravity
With his mind
Listen well enough
To hear his thoughts
Be humble
To hear (here)
Put self behind others
They cannot see
My center
Be shy
Like a tiger
How do you compete  
With one
Who is reluctant
Foot like
The bottom of the sea
It supports
The weight
Of the water and wonders
Water always
Gives up to gravity
And supports
The spiritual
Vessel of vision
Gravity first
To hold up spirit
Man in between
First with spirit
With earth/China
Support all
How does the Master
Become the Master
Of all
By kow towing
To all
This is really
Supporting all
He is one
With the Tao
Kow tow
To the next gesture
With apprehension
They will feel supported
And me listening
Without intent
Kow tow
To the next gesture
With apprehension
They will feel supported
And me listening
Without intent
Kow Tow
To all
Gravity is what
Pulls in Masters’ spirit
Must be worthy/humble
Kow tow
Bow and connect
With no intent
Receive with apprehension
Circle under
From KD#1 to KD#27
Lift from behind
Make earth/China
My center of gravity
The ultimate alignment
This supports all
Poor demos
Caused by Masters
Guiding me to
Be humble
Until I get it
Always intend
To be apprehensive
Kow tow to all
To Dui Lian
Be lower and follow
With apprehension
Not contention/intent
Humble intent
To feet
To hands
Silently bow
Can just think it
Receive from
Opponent/object’s chi
Descend it down
To roots
Then back up
To support
Object/opponent’s chi
Is silently barrowed
Or back up
To support
My gesture
Relax to roots
By kow towing
To all
Supports legs
Legs support
Pelvis supports
Change with Change
To be humble
By investing
In loss
Bow to bow
Poor performance
Humbling test
Few students
Only worthy arrive
Be grounded
To be electrically
Kow tow
To connect
Root first
Then listen
And query
How does
The Master
With stand
Intense wind
Like a tree
His roots
Run deep
All the way
To China
Kow towing is
Connecting KD#1
To earth/China
The body bow
Kow tow
In all
Lower butt
To lift
Spirited gesture
My spirit
Is a lever
Placed under
The gesture
Gravity assisting
To understand
Ward off/rollback/press/push
Drop a rock
Into a body
Of water
The splash
Is Fa Jing
Do not vie
With other
Must return
To the sea
Must return
To China
Via me
Of a gesture
Is its center of gravity
A fulcrum
Has no intent
It is passive