Wednesday, February 24, 2016



To realize that our knowledge is ignorance,
This is a noble insight.
To regard our ignorance as knowledge,
This is mental sickness.
Only when we are sick of our sickness
Shall we cease to be sick.
The Sage is not sick, being sick of sickness;
This is the secret of health.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen

Be alert
To ignorance/sickness
First in myself
Then others
Be alert
To my lack of interest
First in myself
Then others
Be alert
To my lack of chi
First in myself
Then others
Be alert
To my alignment
First in myself
Then others
Be alert
To others
Lack of alertness
Being closed
To ourselves
To be open
To the Master’s
A noble perception
To open
My mouth
Have my knowledge
Come out
Is sick
Have the Master’s
Knowledge known
Is healthy
When my knowledge
Makes me nauseous
I will quit or
Heal from the hurt
Be aware
Of my entire body
Thru Slow Set
Before correcting it
Be aware
Find the pain or pleasure
Then act
After making
All the corrections
Then it is easer
To discriminate
As to what is let in
Corrections come  
When the Masters
Want me
To have it
Ignoring the above is
To be misaligned
With the Master
The secret
Of practice is
To repetition
Comes from
Masters thru me
Not from me
Is knowing self-defense
Not practicing
To the point
Of unconscious
Is folly
Is awareness
In the body/mind
Pain is negated
Thru practice
Pain is the first stage
Of awareness
Once aware
Pain in negated
Both real and imagined
First end pain
Caused in self
Then pain from
Others later
There is no difference
Between stoppings
Practices myself
Or someone
Making me stops
Only the Masters
Can make the decision
Sick = shortcoming
Old bad habit
Blockages etc.
Become aware
Of them first
Thru others
To know me
I can find shortcomings
By testing myself
On others
The fulcrum
Must be
Perfectly stable
Use gravity
To stay
Knowing that
I do not know
Keeps me going
Thinking that
I know stops
In a state of mind
That I do not know
Is preparing me
To change with change
Bring tired
Of not practicing
Is the secret
To practice
In my mind
This became wrong
(Not knowing)
The important thing
Is undoing the known
(This was wrong)
Realizing I really did
Not know
Once it is corrected
Don’t worry
Is for the future
Not the past
Be critical
Of self-first
Others later
Gain strength
From defeat
When tired
Of doing it wrong
To do it right
Never get tired
Of being wrong
It is wrong
To do so
I become aware
I am
The Master
Is not discouraged
Being discouraged
Of the student’s
Only when
I am sick
Of my tight hip joints
Will they open
Of health
Is slow set
Only when sick
Of being hedonist
Will it end
Tai Chi Chuan
Does not
Get disheartened
With the repairs
Going on inside
When I am
Tired of laziness
Shall be cease
To be lazy
The Master
Is not tired
Of being lazy
Students practice for him
If they are worthy
When I accept
The tests
By the Masters
I am on the right path
Sick of being
That I am sick
Is a health secret
Before the pain
Before the matter
Of being lazy
Become obsessed
To get passionate
With the solution
From reading
To not reading
Gives me more time
To practice
Always be open
To the Masters
I will be a conduit
For their knowledge
Of entertainment
Outer laziness
To myself
The good and bad
Adversity = creativity
Tai Chi Chuan
Master is not tired
He’s tired
Of his tiredness
Therefore not tired
Tai Chi Chuan student
Is not sick
Of the corrections
In his body and mind
This feels like a sickness  
Master knows
Students are going
Thru the above
Cannot interfere
Only say
Rest mind
Do more slow set
Tai Chi Chuan
Makes us aware of
Our sickness and
In time negates
To realize
My demo is poor
This is insight
To regard demo
As good
This is wrong
Not sick
Of the negation
Of my old self
Motion sickness
Of riding
Dragon subsiding
To health
The repairs
Sick of the repairs
The remedy
Sick = old self
I don’t know
But open
To knowing
How to unlearn
Thinking that
I know
Stops my practice
Knowing that
I don’t know
Keeps me practicing
So I can
Change with change
Of Slow Set
Get sick
Of entertainment
Sick of recalling
Old movies
Stop the laziness
Not sick
Of sickness
And researching it
Is health
Does not know
What comes next
To recognize
When one does
Not discern
Is paramount
From intent
To not predicting
Is virtuous
Moving form apprehension
To intent
Is hazardous
New feeling/idea
Each day
Practice in pain
To negate pain
Always pain
Always practice  
Pain takes mind
Off of trivia
Don’t mistake
For disease
Has a lack
Of disease
Do not
Mistake virtue
As a lack of vice
Do not mistake
As a lack
Of money
Cannot define
To someone
Who is
Always sick
Injured in youth
Become shy
Of that circumstance
That caused the injury
Then to repair
Must go
Thru the past
It is the remedy
Is not sick
Of sickness
That is not
Of the repairing
Secret of health
Is cure
For shortcomings
Being aware
Of a past/present/future
Is a sign
Of mental health
See an aberration
As it is search
For new feelings
Both good/bad
The bad
Are good
Because I become
Aware of them
The good are bad
If I stay
Only with them
Just relax
It will go away
The same applies
To opponent’s force
To know
Slow set and
Feel we don’t
Know it
Is uppermost
Has no doubt
I know  
No uncertainty
The more
Opponent resists
The more
He exposes
His intent
Tai Chi Chuan
Is the ability
To find the central pivot
Of the opponent immediately
Thru a sense of touch
Sum of the forces
Sum of movements
Acting upon a body
Are both equal
To zero
The body
Is in equilibrium
Static equilibrium
Obstacles = sickness
Push Hands
Think I know it
But not knowing
It is like an ailment
It can spread
Among students
To discern
Is paramount
To know
The slow set
Say I don’t
Is best
Means I am open
For corrections
From Masters
To say I don’t know it
But are not connected
To Masters is
An ailment
When in a state
Of hell
Because I am thinking
Of hell
And realize it
Know it
Is a sickness
Now all I have to do
Is be sick of thinking of hell
Way of correcting
Is having
Student recognize
The mistake
To know that
I do not know
Is the paramount
There is no name
For the Tao
For the name
This is practicing
Best to be in a state
Of not knowing
In the future
Don’t Know
Future is ignorance
Therefore to know is
To be in the present
Is healthy
To be sick
Is to always live
In the past or future
To try and know the future
Is a sickness
To try and relive the past
Is also a sickness
To just live
In the present
Is healthy
Wait in the present
The future will come
If listening
If trying to speed up
The future
Not listening
Will miss it
Trying to use the past
To predict the future
Not in the present
Not listening
Nature is spontaneous
Merge with nature
Doing Tai Chi Chuan
The only
Way the art
Will continue
Get out of rut
Stiffness in joints
Is a disease
Go to the point
Of feeling the stiffness (pain)
Realize that
Working thru the pain
Is teaching Tai Chi Chuan
Few make it
Take to school
To the point of pain
I feel a certain pain
In the students
Not wanting my instruction
Those who know
Should not show it
Those who don’t know
But show they
Think they do
Are important
To keeping the art
Those who
Should now
It takes
  A 1000
Will start
The 1000 mile journey
Not all make it
Only worthy one
Will finish the first
Leaving the 999
Don’t know now
But will later
Think it
Don’t say it
Unless understood
Infinity gestures
Are knowledge
What to do with them
Or where they lead
Is ignorance
If sick
Of not knowing
Leads to practice
The secret to Tai Chi Chuan
Sick of
More diligent practice
Sick of poor demo’s
More diligent practice
Our vices
Should leads
To health/wisdom
Via Slow Set
Knowing new ideas
Will never end
Thinking that the above
Is the last idea
Is ignorance
Disease of knowing
Each epiphany
Is not enough
Ailment of perceptive
Vigorous inexperience
Unpleasant thriving
Disease of knowing
No known cure
Critical of cure
While practicing
Slow Set
The secret
To health
Is Slow Set
With Masters
Of worry
Making room
For the next
Undo by
Doing new
Be critical
Of what I
Know and
Don’t know
Can be a secret
To health
Beware of
It is being aware
Do more
Slow Set
Secret to health