Wednesday, February 24, 2016



WHEN the people no longer fear your power,
It is a sign that a greater power is coming.
Interfere not lightly with their dwelling,
Nor lay heavy burdens upon their livelihood.
Only when you cease to weary them,
They will cease to be wearied of you.
Therefore, the Sage knows himself,
But makes no show of himself,
Loves himself,
But does not exalt himself.
He prefers what is within to what is without.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen


No longer
Fear pain
In practice
A sign
Of becoming
A warrior
Adopt concerns
Of Master as my own
This will be revealed
In tests
Only when I stop
About the Masters’ tests
Will they end
Head/spirit lifting
Lifting the history
Of Tai Chi Chuan too
When students
No longer listen to me
Masters are dealing
With them
The lineage  
It is the secret
To the martial arts
If students
Don’t respect me
They will not be
By the lineage
The teacher
That does not respect
The worthy student’s needs
Will end up
With no students
Things not going right
At sign that something
New is coming
Another Masters’ test
When the student
Is no longer interested
In Tai Chi Chuan
There will be a greater
Of the art
If the student is worthy
If student loves
Tai Chi Chuan
They love me
I can connect them
Hence we have
Tai Chi Chuan
When opponent
No longer senses
My intent
There is a high level
Of Tai Chi Chuan coming
When beginning students
No longer come
To class
They are not worthy
When the body
No longer
Uses force
Means a new energy
Is coming
Stop projecting
Student’s future
Is not up to me
It is the Masters job
When students
No longer wants
To study with me
One of two things
Fully connected
To the Masters
Or being rejected
From the art
Be strong
Or else head leans
Body collapses
From pressure
From above
Tai Chi Chuan adds
To power
To body bow
Have a strong
Foundation in the art
If not
Fall over like
An uprooted tree
Be strong enough
To take Master’s
Perhaps if they
Do not fear
They love
Two sides
To same coin
Slow set
Over applications
To understand
Makes no show
Of self
No   bragging
Just work on   form
Those that see it
Will follow
But I move first
From students
They are the conduit
To the Masters
The only way
To learn Tai Chi Chuan
Is to teach it
Performing more
What is inside
Rather than outside
It is what makes for
A great teacher
Prefer the yin
To the yang
No longer want
To practice it is a sign
That a new practice
Is coming
Prefer internal
Without within
Is not preferable
Seek the artist
Not others art
It is without
Knows self
Might take 27 years
Or now
No longer fear
Masters power
Worthy don’t worry
About total merge
With them
When current students
No longer
Come to class
It means
I have accomplish all
I can with them
Difficulty changing
With my change
Few seem
To be changing with change
Assume disquiets
Of the lineage
Of the Master
Getting to know
What is w
To what is without
Form over function
Alignment then weapons
What is in heart
Rather than hand
All gestures
In heart
Open it
Of masters
As my own
Can’t if not connected
Listen to what comes in
If it is good
Keep it
If it is evil
Ward it off
I can do this now
That I am listening
When I no
Longer fear
“Riding the Dragon”
I have tamed
The Dragon
And returned
Relax down
In foundation
A new energy
Will ascend
Adopt Masters
As my own

The seminar
When they
No longer
My intent
I am doing
Tai Chi Chuan
Think it
Don’t say it
Camp demeanor
Worthy ones will see
Adopt concerns
Of the school
As my own
When non-worthy
Stop coming to class
Means I have reached
A new level
Felt Masters pulling
Me pulling
At same time
Tai Chi is passive
Adopt Master’s concerns
When body
No long
Fears force
Great power
Use force
Get attacked
Pain subsides
Insights arise
Don’t put students
Into practice prison
It restricts progress
Cause injury
To body or mind
During practice
Pain  the art
Go thru some pain
To know
But make no show
Work on
What I have
Rather what I think
Others what
Fa Jing
Is a good example
Seeking the far
Everyone wants it
The more chased after
The more uprooted they get
When the students
Don’t respect the Master
Then greater fear
Is about to arrive
That is deserting
If students think
About what I taught
At their home/work
Then I am a teacher
Do not narrow
Their time/space
Know own power
But do not display it
Don’t go
To them
They must come
To me
Keep mouth shut
To discriminate
I prefer the changes
From the Masters
Thru me rather
That the changes
The students want
If student fear
My power
Then I don’t really
Have any control
Do not harass
Too much quantity
Not enough quality
If I don’t
Have confidence
In them
Then they will not
Have assurance
In me
Don’t be concerned
If a student
Is not connected yet
To the lineage
Or drifting from it
The Masters will deal
With the worthy
Know self
To the lineage
Always remember this
Do slow set
To Masters
To concentrate
Somewhere else
Interfere not lightly
With what they
Are pondering
They will be diverted
From their job
By the Masters
Once they get over
Their own past
They will cease
To weary past
They will cease
To be
Wearied of me
They will cease
To be wearied
Of the present
This takes place
In the future
I personally can
Do anything
That will give them
An excuse
To quit
A Masters’ test
If a student
Does not respect
The lineage
They will stall or quit
Should recognize
His own attitudes/compulsions
But never expression them
To opponents
That I represent
The lineage
And anything
He does reflex on it
Lying on the couch
With my 3 year old son
Watching cartoons TV
Suddenly I realized
He felt like
An extension of me  
Must get this feeling others
Family, friends and foes
When the students
No longer need me
It means that either
They are now connected
To the Masters
Or they are lost
Jing (Masters) are in
Hands during
Kai He style  
When current students
No longer come to class
It means
I have accomplish
All I can with them
Some are having difficulty
Changing with change
Irrational energy
Do not call students
They must call
The teacher
Don’t ask students
For anything
That has to do
With their professions
Doctor/dentist/mechanic etc.
I cannot interfere
With Masters
If I am following
The Masters
And my students
Are following me
This is reeling silk
Change with Change
Quite often the Masters
Will test me
And my students
Resenting somebody
Uses up energy
Better to use
That energy
In a more productive
When students
No longer feel
My intent
Then I am
Doing Tai Chi Chuan
This is passive
So be apprehensive
About how I get it
This hides intent
Know self-first
Be open
To the concerns
Of the Masters
As my own
Means I have merged
With them
When family/friend/foes
No longer pay attention
To me
I will reach
A higher level
Do not call/visit/pay attention
To them
Prefer what is in me
Rather than what is in them
This is getting
To know self-first
Lots of repairs
Taking place
Love Tai Chi Chuan
Show it outwardly
When students
No longer study
With me means
They are not worthy
To study
With me
Must know self before
The Masters know
Masters will guide
This all takes place inside
When others
No longer want
To study with ne
It means I am working
On my own oneness
When students
No longer
Come to class
They are not worthy
I have reached
A higher level
Adopt concerns
Of Master
Is the connection
This reveals
The worthy
Be the conduit
To the lineage
Negate personal
Both directions
Ward off and rollback
Proper in push hands
Undertake the concerns
Of the Master
Kow tow
To the students
Achieve it
The worthy
Will come