Wednesday, February 24, 2016



HE who is brave in daring will be killed;
He who is brave in not daring will survive.
Of these two kinds of bravery, one is beneficial,
 while the other proves harmful.
Some things are detested by Heaven,
But who knows the reason?
Even the Sage is baffled by such a question.
It is Heaven's Way to conquer without striving,
To get responses without speaking,
To induce the people to come without summoning,
To act according to plans without haste.
Vast is Heaven's net;
Sparse-meshed it is, and yet
Nothing can slip through it.

Translated by John C. H. Wu
Interpretation by Bill Bernsen


Why do Masters
Don’t know now
But will later
Is it brave or wise
To predict
The future
Without apprehension
Is dangerous
Without intent
Is stagnation
The Master’s net
Some do not
In Tai Chi Chuan
Even the Masters
Cannot answer
But the Tao
So Know
The Tao
Once connected
To the Masters
They will not let go
Changes are from
Trying to adjust
To the Masters
Masters detests
Some students
Don’t know now
But will later
As to who will
Continue the art
Once chosen
Masters will not
Let go
Only I can
Quit them
They cannot
Quit me
Detest somethings
Because they are not
Right for me

Classes should be
Like poem #73
The Masters
Can be found
In all 81 poems
Try to find them
In each poem
Perhaps change
The word Tao
To Masters
Thru out the 81
Try any noun
Have I happened
On to
The secret
To Tao Te Ching
Masters prohibit
Some people
Continuing the art
But who knows
The reason
I do
They did not
Kow Tow
To the their teacher
Who is the art
Tai Chi Chuan
Has no intent
Push hands
Overcomes opponent’s intent
Master does not say
Yet always answers
Convince students
To attend
Without calling
They hear it
From within
Without hurriedness
By interrupting energy
Masters prohibits
The reason
It is not in their DNA
Masters can sense DNA
Using their 6th sense
Healing intent = passive
Harming intent = aggressive
My intent
Then others  
Use an apprehensive net
Over their intent
Masters can instill
Understanding energy
Get control
Of earth’s energy
Via Tai Chi Chuan
Then send it to others
Some students
Are rejected
By the Masters
They are not worthy
Think it
Don’t say it
The Masters
Have a plan for me
Think it
Don’t do it
Some students quit
It is up to the lineage
As to who continues
Reeling the silk  
Is to be protected
Students to come
Without calling them
If they are worthy
They will hear
The Masters’ voice
Force against force
Slays the fulcrum
Rotate around
Under or over the force
And survive  
Don’t strive
For perfection
It shows
Tai Chi Chuan is
Daring to act
Know Tao Chi Chuan
To be on the fulcrum
And well balanced
The way of heaven
Is a fulcrum
Can be on either side
If empty and listening
Can be part
Heaven’s fulcrum
Without striving
Contemplate it
Negate intent
Silent apprehension
Once connected
To lineage
Will be care
For forever

Masters teach
Without striving
Think it
Do not say it
Do not advertise
Realize that Tai Chi
Takes a long time
Masters are
Always there
Will not let me leave
I am worthy
The way
Masters teach
Without words
I don’t speak Chinese
Yet they tell me
Thru practice
Get students
Without summoning
Thru my blog
If they understand
They will come
The catching net
Is the Slow Set
Not listening- slain
Masters do the same
Listen (accept)
Not listen (reject)
Planning is listening
Apprehension = coil spring Jing
Master must know me
Before he can trust me
With the art
They will test at every turn
Once the Masters
Net covers no escape
Daring = intent
Apprehension = bravery
Allowing men
To take their course
Attaining effects
Without apparent design
Teachers should
Vice always rebuked
Minus ruthless
Get answers
Without talking
Encourage students
Without bidding
Kow Tow
To the Masters
Other interest perish
Who knows why
Some quit  
Only the Masters know
Try to get them back
Is going against
The lineage
Net is to keep
Evil out
Good in
Don’t ask the Master
Yet always hear
The answer
Cannot demand
A thunder storm
Or an epiphany
Masters hate
What they hate
This poem will tell
What that is
When pushing hands
Make net
Wide/coarse physically
With mind let
Nothing gets thru
This is done
By just listening
Masters prohibit
Learn what
Pass it on
To the worthy
Do not use force
Tai Chi Chuan is passive.
Feeling difficulty
This is caused by the Masters
Deliberate way thru
Words come to me
Every now and then
Much like the wind
One needs highs/lows
To cause the pressure
Hence the wind
There are words for everything
But the enter most things
Which cause the pressure
Hence the wind
A poem I wrote in 1976
When under pressure
Don’t strive
Just heed
Master is baffled
Don’t blame him
I am the one
Master’s plan
Reveal slowly
Via slow set

Have not
Visible intent
To get responses
Without speaking
Envision a parent looking
At a bad kid’s action
No matter
How big/strong
The tiger
He still has
The body hates
To be misaligned
Therefore it
Cannot be calm
Loses its balance
Or just quits
During slow set
Hub heart
Centrifugal force/centripetal force
Grandmaster Tung Ying- chieh’s
Fist in my chest
The lagging heart
Masters seed planted
Must have this
All the time
It is a merging
With the lineage
No one escapes
The master plan
Even the bad
Is part of the plan
It is the test of faith
Listen with apprehension
Not with intent
Receive object/person
Don’t be the thrower
Tai Chi is passive
Brave with intent = loss & harm
Brave with apprehension = win
Brave = Yu Pei Shih (alert)

Brave those whom are
Master net covers
With apprehension
Not all are worthy
Apprehension grounds so
Become a conduit
Receiving and giving
Let the Tao work thru me
Intent = loss
Apprehension = gain
Think about it
With apprehension
Masters are apprehensive
About who knows this
Intent blocks
Masters response
Thru me
Masters are in charge
They send the worthy
Student to me
Who is worthy
The earnest
He who uses
With be defeated
He who uses
Will survive
Are you listening?
During confrontation
It is the secret
To ward off